Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette LogoPlaytech have designed Mini Roulette to be a scaled down little brother to the usual game of European roulette, with scaled down payouts to match.

It is essentially the same game but with fewer numbers on the wheel and therefore better chances of hitting more frequent wins, but it does mean that some bet types are no longer available too, such as neighbour bets.

There are a few little differences that you should know about before you take your first spin, and they will be explained below.


Mini Roulette

The biggest change is that your payouts will be more or less cut in half for each type of bet, to allow for the bigger chances of winning.

The highest payout available on Mini Roulette is 11:1 for a straight up bet, but you can see them all here:

Bet Type Payout
Straight Up 11:1
Split 5:1
Street 3:1
Corner 2:1
Row of 3 3:1
Column of 4 2:1
Half Dozen 1:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Red/Black 1:1

You can see that riskier bets are offering less than a third of their payout on regular roulette, while others are more like half and some haven’t changed at all.

This is partly due to rebalancing the bets that can be chanfed with the bets that can’t – red or black will always have the same probability so long as there are equal numbers of each (plus the zero) available; a straight up bet will not – and partly due to the only ‘feature’ in the game.

The zero.

Zero Always Pays

Mini Roulette Zero Always Pays

When it comes to the rules of the game and the gameplay itself you will find everything fairly familiar.

The key difference here is that the zero always pays, even if you haven’t bet on it. It sounds great but there is a price to pay for this as you will shortly discover.

It works by paying out half of all bets that were on the table during the previous round.

So if you had a chip on red, and a chip each on 2, 4 and 6, you would get two of those four chips back should the ball land on zero.

If you had a bet on zero then you would simply win your bet as normal.


Despite the fact that it is easier to win more often when paying Mini roulette, the theoretical return to player percentage is 96.15%, giving the house a bigger edge than usual at 3.85%.

This is because of the way the payouts have been restructured, so even though there is a chance to minimise losses occasionally with the zero always pays feature, the RTP still isn’t as high as when playing regular European roulette.