Monopoly Roulette Tycoon

Monopoly Roulette Tycoon LogoThis variant from SG Interactive is a game of two parts, the first of which is your classic game of European roulette, and the second includes a few rolls of the dice on the Monopoly board.

Unlike many other games with bonus rounds, there is an almost 50/50 chance of qualifying for the Monopoly half of the game (48.64% to be precise), so there is a lot of extra entertainment value as well as extra chances to win.

It’s an RNG based game with a soothing chilled out soundtrack and a pretty charismatic Mr Monopoly voiceover taking you through each game, so you can play at your own pace and take your time if that’s what you prefer to do.

How to Play

Monopoly Roulette Tycoon

The game consists of standard roulette bets and Monopoly bonus game bets.

You place both types of bet before each game begins, then the ball is released onto the spinning wheel and eventually comes to rest in one of the pockets as normal. If it lands in a black pocket then winning roulette bets are paid out as normal, if it lands in a red pocket, however, this triggers the Monopoly bonus game as well.

Monopoly Roulette Tycoon WheelYou don’t have to place a bet on the Monopoly board but you do have to place a roulette bet before you can spin the wheel, you cannot spin having only placed Monopoly bets.

Monopoly bets will stay active and in place for up to 4 spins of the wheel before they disappear, but you will only be charged for them once. This gives you 4 chances to trigger the bonus for each round of Monopoly betting. Roulette bets disappear and are removed from your balance on every spin as normal.

It helps to think of each full round as being 4 spins long, and containing 4 individual roulette games. The circuit is only complete once all four spins have taken place or the bonus round has been triggered. Landing on a zero will also forfeit your Monopoly bets.

The great thing is that you have around a 93% chance of triggering the bonus round before your 4 spins run out, so you can place Monopoly bets fairly confidently.

Monopoly Bonus Game

Monopoly Roulette Tycoon Bonus Game

Once the bonus game is underway, Mr Monopoly will hop onto the board and the first of three rolls of the dice will begin.

If you land on a property which you had bet on, that payout is added to your total and the next roll of the dice begins.

If you manage to pass GO you will get a payout as well as 3 extra rolls of the dice. This is more likely than it may seem as the Chance cards often advance you a fair way around the board.

Landing on the Luxury Tax space or receiving an order to Go To Jail will end the round prematurely, while the Community Chest can add a random amount to your balance or give you a Get Out of Jail Free card.

After all of your rolls have been completed, Mr Monopoly is yanked out of there and the round ends, taking you back to the roulette table where you can place a new set of bets on the Monopoly board and start all over again.

The Table

There is a fair bit going on with the design of the table here, as there are some prominent staking control buttons as well as the racetrack betting layout in full view.

The normal roulette betting board is the same as ever, but there are a couple of additional buttons that might not immediately be so obvious.

Let’s zoom in on them:

Monopoly Roulette Tycoon Buttons

Circled in orange is the Monopoly winnings tile. This isn’t actually a button, but a place on the table to show you how much you have won from your Monopoly bets as opposed to your regular roulette bets.

Circled in green is the Monopoly board. This button does have a function – arguably one of the most important in the game – because it switches the game over to the Monopoly board so that you can place your Monopoly bonus bets.

Monopoly Roulette Tycoon Bonus Game Bets

You can see in the image above that the roulette betting options have been replaced with a scrolling Monopoly board, where you can place bets in the normal way on as many or as few properties as you like.

Each property has its own payout ratio based on the likelihood of the dice rolling a number that would see you land on that property.

They are as follows:

Property Payout
Mediterranean Ave 8.8x
Baltic Ave 4.85x
Reading Railroad 2.55x
Oriental Ave 2x
Vermont Ave 1.8x
Connecticut Ave 2x
St. Charles Place 1.7x
Electric Company 2.6x
Virginia Ave 2.7x
Pennsylvania Railroad 1.75x
St. James Place 2.35x
Tennessee Ave 2.35x
New York Ave 2.25x
Kentucky Ave 2.8x
Indiana Ave 3.4x
Illinois Ave 2.6x
B & O Railroad 4.45x
Atlantic Ave 5.1x
Ventnor Ave 6.05x
Water Works 7.3x
Marvin Gardens 8.65x
Pacific Ave 10.8x
North Carolina Ave 12.75x
Pennsylvania Ave 16.75x
Short Line 19x
Park Place 28x
Boardwalk 6.3x

The names might not mean much to you but they run in order around the board, so Mediterranean Ave is the first spot on the board, Baltic Ave the second, and so on.

The other thing to note, is that these are the default multipliers. These can be worth much more depending on when the bonus was triggered:

  • Triggered on 1st spin: Default Payouts as above
  • Triggered on 2nd spin: Above Payouts x2
  • Triggered on 3rd Spin: Above Payouts x 3
  • Triggered on 4th Spin: Above Payouts x 5

Even the slowest maths brain can see that this adds up to huge payouts for properties like Park Place and Short Line.


Happily, the theoretical return to player percentage on the roulette game remains unchanged, it is still 97.30%. That means the game is not giving the house a bigger edge for the privilege of the extra feature.

This is because they are essentially two different games. The bonus game pays out only on bets made on that game, so it can have its own RTP. There are a lot of betting options on the Monopoly game though, so the RTP starts at 95.22% and will be a maximum of 96.29% depending on how you bet.