Multi Wheel Roulette

Multi Wheel Roulette LogoMulti Wheel Roulette is an RNG based game from one of the oldest and most highly regarded game developers in the world, Microgaming.

It is simply the game of European roulette, so just the one zero on the wheel, but it is played across a number of different virtual tables.

This makes it much more exciting and you have more chances to win, but it also costs more because you are essentially making each bet you place eight times.

How it Works

Multi Wheel Roulette

You know how roulette works, so there really isn’t anything else to learn in terms of game rules or bets or different payouts. It’s all standard.

Once your bets have been placed all eight wheels will spin and the results will come in shortly afterwards. The pace does feel slower as each result is revealed one after the other, so it has a more relaxed atmosphere even though the stakes are higher.

If you have a look at the image below, you will see that the camera zooms in on the winning pocket once the ball has come to a stop and that each wheel comes with its own mini history bar letting you know which numbers it landed on previously.

It will also note the winnings of each individual wheel if there are any – you can see them written in white.

Multi Wheel Roulette Results

The betting table will have eight numbered markers on it instead of the usual one, so you can easily keep track of what is happening.

Multi Wheel Roulette Results 2

You can see that they are helpfully numbered to match the wheels.

You don’t have to have all wheels spinning on every turn, you can disable all but one of them simply by clicking on them.

Bet Level

We would just encourage all players new to this game to keep a close eye on the bottom right hand corner area of the interface, at least for the first few spins.

Multi Wheel Roulette Bet LevelWe have an image of it to the right.

This shows you your bet per wheel, how many wheels you have active, your total bet amount, and your total win.

It’s a useful reminder of how much your overall bet is costing you and will help you to avoid costly mistakes if your mind is still in some other variation of the game.

Automatically clicking spin after accidentally placing what you thought was a £10 bet only to see £80 disappear from your balance could be a bit of a shock!


The theoretical return to player percentage does not change in this variation of roulette, it stays at the regular 97.30%.

This is the case whether you have one wheel active or all eight.