Multifire Roulette

Multifire Roulette LogoThis is an RNG based version of European roulette which offers a potentially huge payout if the player is double lucky with a straight up bet.

It is a game developed by Switch Studios, who operate under the well known Microgaming, and has a few minor extra features on top of the boosted payouts such as the ability for the game to randomly select 3 numbers for you.

It’s a good option for anyone who wants to whizz through spins as it is possible to skip the wheel spinning animation to speed things up.


Multifire Roulette Interface

The interface will be familiar to anyone who has played online roulette before, but there are one or two extra options that aren’t always available.

The two main options are the ‘any 3’ and the ‘turbo’ buttons, highlighted in yellow above.

Any 3 will place a bet on three numbers chosen by the game at random, while the turbo button will turn on turbo mode which skips the wheel spinning animation and goes straight to the result of the spin.

The numbers across the top in our example image show previous results and it is also possible to view some basic stats on the results from the menu button.

Multiplied Payouts

Multifire Roulette Multiplier

The only thing that makes this game different from a standard game of roulette is the boosted payouts which are shown in yellow above. You can see that they are also highlighted on the betting board so you can see if any of your bets match up.

Once the player has placed their bets, between three and five numbers will be randomly selected to receive boosted payouts as follows:

  • X50
  • X100
  • X150
  • X200
  • X250
  • X300
  • X350
  • X400
  • X450
  • X500

The multiplier that is applied is also random.

Multifire Roulette WinThe reason you need to be doubly lucky is because not only must the number that is selected for a multiplied payout have a bet on it, but the ball needs to land on it too.

The only thing to be aware of is that the regular payout for a winning straight up bet has been reduced from 35:1 to 29:1, in order to accommodate the multipliers.

All other payouts are as normal:

Symbol Multiplier
Even Money Bet 1:1
Dozen Bet 2:1
Column Bet 2:1
Line Bet 5:1
Square Bet 8:1
Street Bet 11:1
Split Bet 2:1
Straight Up bet 29:1 – 499:1

So it really comes down to whether you are happy to accept less of a payout on normal straight up wins for the chance at a much higher payout when a winning straight up bet is ‘multifired’.

It is very similar to the likes of Lightning Roulette and Quantum Roulette.


By playing around with the payouts a little bit, Switch Studios have managed to offer these multiplied winnings boosts without affecting the overall return to player percentage.

As with a regular game of European roulette, the RTP stands at 97.3%.

There is no penalty to the player in this case, but the game is really all about straight up bets, so if you don’t play straight ups very often there isn’t much point choosing this over another variation.