Pinball Roulette

Pinball Roulette LogoPinball roulette offers a completely different take on the game of European roulette, without altering the rules or changing any of the basics.

It has a retro feel to it, both in terms of the graphics and the ‘theme’ for want of a better word, but Playtech have certainly come up with an interesting concept.

This is an RNG based game with a very low minimum bet of 10p per round on any bet type, and the pinball element adds pace and excitement.


Pinball Roulette Betting Table

The first screen you will see when loading the game looks fairly standard, aside from the fact that there is no roulette wheel.

You have your usual betting options as well as a useful betting board for neighbours bets, and the board will helpfully light up to indicate which bet type you are about to place which saves any mistakes.

All of the buttons available are self explanatory, it is only when you hit the ‘bet’ button that the pinball element comes into play.


Pinball Roulette

This is what you will see after you hit ‘bet’.

Everything on the right hand side of the image above can be ignored, it is simply a display of where you have bets on the table and will also highlight the winning number.

There is obviously no wheel in this version of the game, instead, the ball is launched from the pinball machine and pings around pins, flippers, and bumpers until it eventually makes its way down to the bottom.

The roulette numbers are down there in their pockets waiting for the ball, but they are not static. They scroll from right to left so are, in effect, still spinning.

The ball will find its pocket and this stage of the game is over. If you lose, hard luck, onto the next round. If you win, however, there is another step.

Gamble Feature

Pinball Roulette Gamble Feature

All winning bets qualify for the gamble feature, even 10p wagers like the one in our example image.

It is a chance to multiply your payout up to 10x by risking your stake a second time as well as the money you have just won.

Of course you don’t have to do this, it is completely up to you.

You collect multipliers as the ball bounces around but it has to land in the middle of the board for those multipliers to be applied. If it lands in either of the areas labelled ‘lose’ then you walk away with nothing.

This is all handled by the RNG, there is no skill involved or any input from the player required.


It’s the standard theoretical return to player percentage of 97.30% for pinball roulette.

The payouts are all the same as normal so this basically breaks down as a regular game of European roulette – albeit with a completely different look and feel – that gives you the option to gamble your winnings.