Quantum Roulette

Quantum Roulette

This Playtech game is based on European roulette and gives it something of a shot in the arm by introducing multipliers and a few other features.

It is a live game broadcast from the developer’s studio in Latvia, and it certainly looks the part, with animations on the interface and a dramatic set that is very thematic.

If you have ever played Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette then it is very similar, but there are a few additional perks.

Quantum Multipliers

Quantum Roulette Multiplied Numbers

The base game works just like regular European roulette, but you will notice an extra element in the form of multipliers.

After betting time is over but before the ball is spun, up to 5 numbers will be randomly selected for a multiplier. This is clear to see from the animation as displayed in the image above.

These multipliers will be decided by the RNG, starting at 50x and going up to 500x in increments of 50.

Quantum Roulette Multipliers

If you happened to have bet on a number that is given a multiplier and that number happens to come in, your stake will be multiplied by the multiplier. This has to be a straight up bet though, other bets that include the winning number do not count for the multiplier.

So if you had bet £1 on red 21, then it is selected and given a 250x Quantum multiplier and comes in, you would be looking at an extra £250 in your account. If you had just bet on red you would only receive the regular 1:1 payout.

Quantum Boosts & Leaps

Additionally, at random intervals you might see the Quantum Boost or the Quantum Leap trigger.

These are additional bonuses that boost the multipliers as follows:

  • Quantum Boost – All or some of the multipliers are boosted by 50.
  • Quantum Leap – All or some of the multipliers are doubled or tripled.

You still need the ball to land on your number to win these bets when they happen.


The theoretical return to player percentage for this game is 97.30% as is standard for European roulette, but they are throwing in multipliers so how have they managed this?

Well, if you check the paytable you will see that straight up bets have a decreased payout of 29:1.

This is significant because the usual straight up payout on a standard game of European roulette is 35:1.

Quantum Auto Roulette

Quantum Auto Roulette

There is also an automatic version of this game, but the only difference is that there is no host, it is shot from a single birds eye view angle, and the wheel spins automatically. Funny that.

The payouts, gameplay, and rules are all exactly as described above, although you will be playing on a different wheel so the results won’t match the regular version’s results.

The ball is launched without the need for dealer interaction just like in the hosted live game. For both versions of the game they employ what is called a slingshot wheel which uses air jets to launch the ball onto the automated wheel.

This is perhaps best played when you want a quieter, calmer experience as the hosts tend to bring a lot of energy to their games and constant chatter, whereas the auto version only has a few sound effects and a computerised voice announcing the results of each spin.