Roulette Diamond

Roulette Diamond LogoWhile most roulette variations make minor alterations to the gameplay or your betting options, Roulette Diamond keeps the fundamental idea but changes everything else around it.

There is no wheel in this game of roulette, and there is the option to ‘spin’ up to four balls at one time. On top of that, there are many new ways to bet too.

This is an RNG based game so there is no dealer – in fact it would be impossible to create a real life version of this game as you will soon come to realise – but it opens a whole new dimension to what we think of when we talk about roulette.

The Layout

Roulette Diamond

As you can see from the image above, things look very different to what your average roulette player might be used to.

There is now a 40 number betting board on the right as well as a completely restructured gaming interface in the middle. On the left you can see the previous results.

The whole thing has a futuristic vibe to it too complete with space age sound effects so it couldn’t be more different from most roulette variants.

You will notice the results are either red, purple, green, or blue. This is to denote which ball landed on that number.

The Multi Ball Feature

Roulette Diamond Multi Ball

They aren’t really balls, more orbs of light.

These orbs will travel around the board and randomly come to a stop on a number just like the ball on a roulette wheel. However, you can release up to four orbs at any one time, you just keep clicking the spin button.

Be aware that if you release another orb then you are effectively betting the same stake again:

  • 1 Orb = Stake x 1
  • 2 Orbs – Stake x 2
  • 3 Orbs = Stake x 3
  • 4 Orbs = Stake x 4

Roulette Diamond Spin ButtonThe spin button will change colour after each click to show which colour orb is coming next as you can see on the right; the purple orb is up next in our example image.

Alternatively, you can just spin one orb at a time and then either clear all bets and start again or add to the bets already on the board. Bets placed previously will remain active unless you remove them.

The Bets

There are two ways to bet in Roulette Diamond, and you can only make certain bets on certain areas of the screen.

Let’s look at the numbers bets first.

Roulette Diamond Number BetsYou can either bet on numbers in blocks of 2, blocks of 4, blocks of 5, blocks of 8, blocks of 10, or blocks of 20, with the payout adjusting to the probability of each.

You can see in the image on the right that each group of blocks are denoted with different colours; blocks of 2 are green, blocks of 10 are purple, etc.

Simply click on the block of numbers you want to bet on to place your bet and a green ‘chip’ will appear there as shown in the image.

You can’t do anything else on this section of the interface other than bet on blocks of numbers, but you can bet on as many of them as you want.

Now we will move on to the directional bets.

Roulette Diamond Direction BetsThese are more numerous and so the image we have used to explain is pretty busy.

On this area of the interface you can make all of your classic roulette bets like straight ups, splits, corners, red or black, odd or even, and these are placed as usual. There are also options in the top left and top right of our image that allow bets to be placed on all numbers at the top, bottom, left, or right of the board.

The other buttons might look more like an old school video game, but they are actually used to make bets on all numbers on a specific horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, or quarter of the board.

You can see that we have colour coded our example bets. We have one ‘chip’ on a diagonal (yellow outline), one of a vertical (purple outline), one on a horizontal (white outline), and one on a quarter (blue outline).

To make things even more interesting, some horizontal and vertical lines have more numbers in them than others because of the shape of the board, so the payouts will vary depending on which specific line you choose.

Once again, you can bet on as few or as many of these as you wish.


Given that the game is built so differently from the original and includes so many new bet types, you can expect the payouts to have changed as well.

Here they are:

Bet Payout
Straight Up 39:1
Split 19:1
Corner 9:1
Cove 9:1
Odd/Even 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
Quarter/10 Block 3:1
Diagonal/5 Block 7:1
Top Half/Bottom Half/20 Block 1:1
Right Half/Left Half 1:1
Line of 2 Numbers/2 Block 19:1
Line of 4 Numbers/4 Block 9:1
Line of 6 Numbers 57:10
Line of 8 Numbers/8 Block 4:1
Zero 39:1


The minimum theoretical return to player percentage for this game is actually a little higher than a regular game of European roulette.

It sits at 97.56% as opposed to 97.30%.