Roulette X2

Roulette X2 LogoIt’s not often that the casino gives you something for nothing but that certainly seems to be the case here.

Roulette X2 is essentially a game of European roulette with an added feature that triggers after winning bets. But where a game would usually make up for this extra benefit by altering the payouts in some way, this game does not.

The ‘X2’ in the title refers to the fact that players can double their payouts if fortune favours them.

It is an RNG based game from a lesser known developer called Golden Rock Studios.

How to Play

Roulette X2

Since this game looks, feels, and plays the same as a normal version of European roulette, there is very little to say about it other than to quickly run you through the game’s one and only extra feature.

After each round is complete – and provided that one of the bets you made was a winner – four dice will be rolled. The hope here is that they will roll four identical numbers, because if that happens your win is doubled.

Roulette X2 DiceThis goes for every win on the board for that round too, so if you have won on a straight up bet and a black/red bet your payout will be doubled for both.

If you did not have a winning bet then the dice will not roll and you simply go again.

That’s all there is to it. It’s a small chance to increase your payout on winning bets and it is triggered automatically after every win.


Interestingly, the theoretical return to player percentage for Roulette X2 is higher than a regular game of roulette.

Depending on your betting strategy, you are looking at an RTP of anywhere between 97.52% and 97.74%.

That means if you are going to play normal roulette then you might as well play this version as the payouts are the same but the RTP is a little higher, 97.60% on average, so the house has a smaller edge.