Roulette X5

Roulette x5 LogoThis game, from Golden Rock Studios, could be seen as the big brother to Roulette X2, which was an earlier release using the same idea, but Roulette X5 has gone one better.

The additional feature of a dice roll after each winning spin is the same, but the way payouts from this bonus round are calculated is different.

It’s an incredibly generous game, boosting the maximum potential RTP well above the norm of 97.30%, and giving the player a bit extra without taking anything back – incredibly rare in the online casino world.

How to Play

Roulette X5

Golden Rock haven’t actually changed the base game one iota.

It is European roulette played as you might expect, with the added ability to bet using the racetrack if you like placing bets such as Voisins du Zero, etc.

Bets are placed by selecting a chip value and then clicking the corresponding area on the betting board, or alternatively it is possible to drag your mouse/finger across the screen to place multiple bets very quickly.

The statistics on show to the right of the screen are a bit of fun but as this is a game of chance they are completely useless from a decision making point of view.

In terms of stakes, the minimum for outside bets is £1 and the minimum on inside bets is 10p, so as long as there is 10p on the table you can play.

Once bets are placed and the wheel is spun, any winning bets will be paid out, but not before the bonus game has taken place.

Bonus Game

Roulette X5 Bonus Feature

After a win, the bonus game will trigger and 6 dice will be rolled.

The result is controlled by the RNG, but what you are hoping for is that 4 or more of the dice will land on the same number.

If this happens, your payout will be boosted as follows:

  • 4 Matching – 10% boost to payout
  • 5 Matching – 50% boost to payout
  • 6 Matching – 500% boost to payout (5x)

This is obviously going to be tricky to achieve with any sort of regularity, if at all, but it is a free feature so players can only benefit by its inclusion.


Given that the payouts in the base game are unchanged, yet there is this additional bonus feature, the theoretical return to player percentage here is much better than usual.

The RTP is between 97.66% and 98.00% depending on the “betting strategy” – which in effect just means the type of bets you are making.

Straight up bets have a higher RTP than outside bets because they payout is higher, but even the lower end of this range is better than the regular 97.30% for European roulette, so if the option to play Roulette X5 exists at your online casino it makes sense to play it over almost any other version out there.