Spread Bet Roulette

Spread Bet Roulette is a form of live roulette offered by Playtech that also includes an additional bet type called a ‘Spread Bet’. This bet is totally optional and can be placed as well as, or instead of, the main roulette game.

How it works is relatively simple. As well as the normal wheel that’s spun by the dealer, a second digital wheel is added that spins in the opposite direction. The spread bet result is the sum of the numbers on main wheel and the digital wheel – so in the example below the main wheel spun 30 whilst the digital wheel was 15, giving a spread bet total of 45.

Spread Bet Roulette Wheel

The Wheels

Spread Bet Roulette Info Screen

Both wheels are a standard single zero roulette wheel ranging from 0 to 36. The two wheels act independently so you’re just as likely to see a 30 with a 15 as you are a 30 with a 5.

French rules do not apply here, so no La Partage or En Prison.

The Spread Bet

For the spread bet feature you have a choice of seven bets. The payouts for each range vary based on the probability of achieving a total that falls within that range. The lowest payout is even money for a total of 34-54 and the highest is a whopping 400/1 for 0-1.

Range Payout Combinations
0 to 1 400:1 3
2 to 11 15:1 75
12 to 18 10:1 112
19 to 33 2:1 405
34 to 54 1:1 603
55 to 67 7:1 156
68 to 72 80:1 15

As an added quirk if the main wheel result is 0, then all spread bets receive a pay out of 1:1 regardless of what the actual total is.


There are 1369 different possible combinations (37 x 37 = 1369). Throwing the numbers into excel with a quick set of formatting rules based on the spread bet ranges gives a nice visualisation of the different outcomes:

Spread Bet Roulette Combinations


The main wheel is just a straight forward single zero game without french roulette rules, which means it has an RTP of 97.30% – or a house edge of 2.70% if you’d prefer it that way around.

For the spread bets, the return to player varies based on the bet but ranges from 93.06% to 96.57%, meaning that all of the spread bets have a  higher edge than the standard base game.

About the Game

The original version of Spread Bet Roulette was made by Cammegh – a UK based manufacturer of casino tables and gaming equipment. Their version was intended for the casino floor with a digital display providing the second reel and the output of the side bet total.

In the Cammegh version there are different payouts, adding a 1200:1 payout for a side bet of 0 (achieved only by spinning 0 on both wheels). The rest of the bets have different values as well:

  • 0 – 1200:1
  • 1 to 11 – 15:1
  • 12 to 18 – 10:1
  • 19 to 39 – 1:1
  • 40 to 50 – 3:1
  • 51 to 70 – 4:1
  • 71 to 72 – 400:1