Superman Roulette

Superman Roulette Logo This is a multi-layered variation of classic European roulette, run on an RNG engine and designed by industry giant Playtech. There aren’t many branded roulette games out there but this is one of them.

Purists will be happy to know that the base game remains largely untouched; bet types and the payouts for those bet types are all still in place, but there are two key additional features that enhance this game.

Things do look a little different to normal though and there are a couple of extra buttons that might need explaining.

The Interface

Superman Roulette

When you first load the game you will see a lot that you recognise, but a few things that you won’t, aside from the Superman branding.

At the very top you can see the four different jackpot amounts as they currently stand. Below the results history on the right you can use the Racetrack button to toggle the board and utilise neighbour bets and the like.

Superman Roulette Racetrack View

Just hit it again to toggle back to the regular view.

Superman Roulette Buttons

The Superman Bonus button outlined in yellow in the image above will allow you to place your Superman bonus tokens (explained below), and the Jackpot button outlined in pink will switch the jackpot contribution on or off.

Everything else should be self explanatory.

The Bonus Round

Superman Roulette Bonus Tokens

Before every round, the player can allocate Superman bonus tokens to twelve numbers on the board by clicking the Superman Bonus button. These can not be placed on any other space and do not cost anything to use.

However, you do need to place a bet on the numbers with tokens on them for those tokens to become active, as we have done in the image above.

These will also show up on the wheel once you have placed them so you can track your selections as the ball spins.

Superman Roulette Bonus Tokens Wheels

If the ball lands on a number with a bonus token on it then the bonus round is triggered, but only if there is a chip placed on the triggering number. This will also cancel out the regular payout and replace it with the bonus.

Bets that qualify for the bonus are:

  • Straight up
  • Split
  • Corner
  • Street
  • Line

Just be aware that stakes will be split into however many numbers they covered for the bonus round; so if you put £1 on a split then only 50p of it would count as your qualifying bonus bet.

Superman Roulette Bonus

You will be presented with the screen above, and you have to pick 4 symbols to see what is behind them. It will either be a multiplier or a Superman symbol.

Multipliers will be added to your stake and Superman logos can reset the bonus with higher multipliers if you find four of them, but they also hold regular multipliers as well.

Superman Roulette Bonus SymbolsSuperman logos will be stored as you can see in this image on the right.

Once all of your picks have been made the final multiplier will be applied to your stake and that is the amount you will win. This could be as low as 5:1 but it can also be as high as 725:1, that’s the gamble.

The game will then show you what all of the other spaces were hiding so you can see how well you have done.

Superman Roulette Bonus Results

In our example we ended up with a 22x multiplier on a 10p corner bet, which is why our stake is 0.025.

The Jackpot

This game is linked to Playtech’s DC Super Heroes Jackpot, but you can decide for yourself whether or not to activate this feature by toggling the jackpot button on or off.

When it is off you will play the game normally along with the bonus feature.

Superman Roulette JackpotWhen the jackpot is turned on then your bet level will increase by 1% which is added to the jackpot total, and you are eligible to win one of the four jackpots on any spin, even a losing one.

If you do win a jackpot you will be taken to a screen similar to the bonus game, where you have to select spaces from the grid to determine which jackpot you will win.

Each space will reveal a coloured energy ball which matches the colour of one of the jackpots. You keep picking until you have enough energy balls to trigger one of the jackpots, so you are guaranteed to win one of them.

Those jackpots are:

  • Mini
  • Minor
  • Major
  • Grand

The mini jackpot will generally be a few hundred pounds, the minor a few thousand, the major tens of thousands, and the grand can range from a few hundred thousand to over a million.

You must have at least £1 worth of bets on the table to be eligible to trigger the jackpot.


There isn’t too much of a change when it comes to the theoretical return to player percentage for this game, but it is slightly lower than normal.

At a minimum it sits at 97.21% and the maximum is 97.30% as normal.

The slight dip is the price paid for the potential bigger winnings in the bonus round and the access to a jackpot feature.