Multiple Roulette WheelsThe old saying goes “if it ain’t broken then don’t fix it”, but some game developers take a different stance. In their book, if something is working well, let’s add more of it.

That is how roulette games with multiple wheels and more than one ball came into existence.

Adding an extra ball has allowed developers to introduce new rules and tinker with payout ratios, perhaps giving players the chance release extra balls for a reduced payout, or to go for larger payouts if more than one ball lands in their selected areas of the wheel. This can all add to the excitement.

Roulette is already an exciting game, no question, but it can also be fairly slow paced, averaging between 25 and 50 spins per hour depending on how many people are playing at the same time. Taking the game online made it possible to get more in the region of 150 spins per hour when playing an RNG based rather than a live casino game, but even that isn’t enough for some.

This is where spinning multiple wheels at once comes in, allowing the player to get through many more spins per hour.

Multiple Balls

Roulette Diamond

1 X 2 Gaming
Roulette Diamond Multi Ball

Not only is this the least roulette looking roulette game out there, but there aren't actually any balls either.

Taking the place of balls are roulette 'orbs', and more than one can be released at the same time. These orbs are all different colours and the player can keep releasing them as they see fit, although each extra ball/orb will cost another stake of the same amount as the original.

A maximum of 4 balls/orbs can be released at the same time, and any bets made can win on more than one orb, so an orb landing on red 16 and another landing on red 28 would result in a bet on red winning twice.

Double Ball Roulette

Evolution Gaming
Double Ball Roulette Jackpot

It's European roulette but played with two balls instead of one, meaning twice as many chances for your bet to be a winner.

The game isn't giving you this opportunity for free though, with the payouts for inside bets being cut in half for a single ball result, although if both balls land on the same number that you have bet on then a huge 1300x payout is the prize.

You can also bet that both balls will land on any single number for a 35:1 payout. So in this case it doesn't matter which number the balls land on, but they do both need to land on the same one.

Conversely, outside bets have had their payouts boosted by 3 or 4 times, but both balls need to land correctly in order for outside bets to win. The extra ball has also created a new bet; the red/black option is a bet that each ball will land on a different colour.

Multiple Wheels

Multi Wheel Roulette

Multi Wheel Roulette

Although this game is an unchanged version of European roulette in terms of the rules and features, the gameplay is a little different and allows the player to cover many more spins per hour.

There is only one betting board but there are 8 different wheels that the player can use. These can be toggled on or off as the player sees fit.

The key thing is that the bet you make on the board will apply to every wheel that is toggled on, so the same bet can win on 3 wheels but lose on 5, for example.

All of the wheels run independently of each other, although the game is controlled via an RNG. It's essentially like playing up to 8 games at once.