Three Wheel Roulette

Three Wheel Roulette LogoA very simple game from Switch Studios that allows the player multiple spins via multiple wheels but using the same bets.

It’s an RNG based game with no changes to gameplay or payouts, but it does create a slightly different way of doing things that means more spins per hour.

The minimum bet on all bet types is 75p, and the maximum ranges from £375 to £3,000 depending on the bet you want to make.

Playing the Game

Three Wheel Roulette Interface

A very simple and smooth interface shows the betting board, onto which chips can be dragged and dropped to create your bets.

The minimum chip value is 25p, but since it will be placed on three different wheels it displays as 75p, but this is the only thing that might cause any minor confusion.

Notice the three wheels themselves just edging into view at the top of the screen, showing how much has been bet on each one.

The game has a nice ‘random 3’ feature, which will choose three different numbers at random to place bets on if you select it. Think of it as a lucky dip.

There are also a good number of pre-prepared special bets to choose from if you would like to, or you can save your own favourite betting combinations for easier placement.

One click of the mouse will place three chips on the board, one for each wheel, with each chip matching the colour of the wheel it applies to.

When you are happy with your bets, hit the spin button and your view will change to the wheels themselves.

Three Wheel Roulette Multiple Wheels

These are different colours and spin one at a time, so you will get your result in stages, with any payouts happening as they occur rather than all together at the end.

The chips change colour on the board as each wheel spins, but since they are all in the same place this doesn’t really have an impact.

Once all three wheels have spun you will be shown a summary of your results, and the next round is ready to begin.


Since there are no major changes to the game itself, the theoretical return to player percentage remains the same.

For this game, just like any standard version, it is therefore 97.30%.

Adding extra wheels and spins does nothing to change this as the amount bet is increased as well.