Terminator Roulette

Terminator Roulette LogoThis is a themed version of European roulette with two key features built in to enhance the regular game, and although base gameplay hasn’t had too much of a shakeup there has been an impact on how the regular game works.

The theme requires no introduction, everyone knows the Terminator franchise, and this game comes complete with imagery and sound effects from the films etc, so players that want a quieter, more authentic online roulette experience should go elsewhere.

It carries a maximum payout of 279:1 with the feature taken into consideration, and it is an RNG game so the results will be as random as it is currently possible to make them. The game’s developer is Win Studios, a lesser known provider, which is odd given that this is a branded title.

The Terminator Bonus

Terminator Roulette

The base game is essentially unchanged here, although the board does have an extra betting space and the wheel does have an extra pocket, and this is for a very good reason. These are highlighted in the image above.

As well as all of your regular roulette bets which remain available to you, this game comes with the Terminator Bonus bet, creating much bigger winning opportunities if it triggers.

In order to get the benefit of this extra bet, you need to have placed at least one chip on the Terminator betting space, and then you need the ball to land in the corresponding pocket. After that, the bonus round will begin.

Terminator Roulette BonusIf the ball lands in the Terminator Bonus pocket and you have not bet on it, you will not gain access to the bonus round.

During the bonus game you will be presented with 20 hexagons and you need to choose which ones to turn over to see what is underneath. You can see an example on the right.

Each hexagon will either reveal a cash prize, or a head.

The cash prize represents between 1x and 5x your stake on the Terminator Bonus, while the head will put a multiplier on your overall bonus round win of between 1x and 7x.

You can keep choosing hexagons until you reveal the word ‘Collect’, which ends the bonus round.

This doesn’t adjust the payouts for regular bets at all but there are a couple of extra ones, as you can see from the table below:

Bet Payout
Terminator Bonus 4:1 – 279:1
Straight up 35:1
Split 17:1
Terminator Bonus Split 1.5:1 – 139:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Line 5:1
Column 2:1
Twelve 2:1
1-18/19-36 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Adjacent Twelve/Column 0.5:1

The payouts may not be affected but your chances of getting them are, because there is an extra space on the wheel narrowing your edge.

The bonus win can be anything from 4:1 to 279:1, which means that not only do you have a smaller chance of landing the bonus – as it is technically a straight up bet on a wheel with an extra pocket – but you might end up with a smaller payout than the regular 35:1 even if you do hit it.

However, the chance to win so much more than usual is the payoff, so that is what you are betting on.

The T1 and T800 Jackpot

There are two jackpots available on this roulette variation, and one is worth a lot more than the other.

Take a look at their seed amounts:

  • T1 – £2,222.000
  • T800 – £11,111.00

After that a small percentage of each bet made on the game goes towards the jackpot so that it keeps growing the longer the game is played without the jackpot being won.

Terminator Roulette JackpotThere is no way to trigger the jackpot, it happens at random, but those betting higher amounts have an increased chance of winning one of them. However, technically anybody could win after any spin of the wheel, even a losing one.

If you do randomly trigger the jackpot you will see a screen similar to the image on the right.

You need to turn over the hexagons as with the bonus game, but here you will only find either silver or gold terminator heads.

5 silver heads grants you the T1 jackpot and 7 gold heads grants you the T800 jackpot, whichever you get to first. You can’t influence which jackpot you win, but getting to the jackpot screen is a guarantee that you will win one of them.


The theoretical return to player percentage for this game has taken a bit of a beating compared to a regular version of European roulette; it is just 94.74%.

The RTP for the jackpot is 0.99% but that is to be expected.

It is the extra pocket on the wheel that has done the damage, coupled with the structure of the bonus round. However, you are taking a lower RTP in exchange for the chance to win almost eight times more than a regular straight up bet would grant you.