Roulette MultipliersMultipliers have long been a feature in games like online slots, but in recent years they have been implemented into online roulette variants too, as yet another way to make the game more interesting and dynamic.

A multiplier is a simple concept; the prize for the win ends up being a multiple of the player’s initial stake. So a winning stake of £5 that gets a 10 times multiplier will pay out £50.

The multiplier will usually be written as an ‘x’, so in our above example the multiplier would be displayed as 10x – ten times the stake. It’s no different to a payout ratio when you think about it, since a straight up bet that pays out at 35:1 is essentially a 35x multiplier.

Roulette games have used this idea to offer the chance to win much greater returns than usual, by either selecting ‘special’ numbers on each spin that have the ability to pay out way higher than a regular straight up bet, or by adding an extra space to the wheel that pays out a randomly assigned multiplier amount that is different on each spin.

Ultimate Roulette

Ultimate Roulette Multipliers

This game from Ezugi involves additional multipliers being added to the board that impact straight up bets only. All other bets remain as standard in terms of payouts, but to allow for these multiplied pay outs on singles, the regular payout for a straight up bet has been dropped to 28:1.

The multipliers themselves are nothing new; between 1 and 5 random multipliers will be added to the board before each spin takes place, but after all bets have been made. However, after this point the player is given the option to buy 1, 2 or 3 extra multipliers to be added to the board.

This will cost 10% of the overall bet per multiplier, so 3 extra multipliers would cost 30% extra, for example. Occasionally, multipliers will even spread to a few neighbouring numbers, increasing the amount of multipliers on the board even further.

If the ball lands on a number you have bet on that also has a multiplier attached for that round, you win the multiplier amount rather than the standard 28:1, and it can be as high as 2,000x.

Live Football Roulette

Football Roulette Live Multiplier

Five different numbers each game round will be randomly selected t receive football shirts. If the ball lands on one of these numbers then any bets made on the Goal side bet will be winners.

Furthermore, these five football shirt numbers are all neighbours on the wheel, so a bet on the Goal area of the board is essentially a bet on a small five number segment of the wheel.

While the base game is unaffected by this side bet, it is the side bet that uses the multiplier in Live Football Roulette.

Bets placed on the Goal side bet are paid out subject to multiplier reel which spins before the roulette ball comes to a stop, and will land on either 3x, 5x, 20x, 50x, or 100x.

This will be the payout received for any winning Goal side bets during that game round.

Diamond Bet Roulette

Diamond Bet Roulette Jackpot Win

In order to create potentially bigger payouts, this game utilises an extra diamond space on the wheel which pays out a random multiplier when it lands.

There is an outer wheel which spins before each game spin is over, and this decides what the extra diamond spin will pay out for that game round. It will change every time you hit the spin button.

The amounts vary between 15x and 60x, going up in 5x increments, and there is also a 'jackpot' of 100x.

Obviously, you will need to place a straight up bet on the diamond space in order to benefit from whatever multiplier is in play when it lands, but this could be much lower or much higher than a regular straight up bet, so it's a risk.

Spin and Win Roulette

Spin and Win Roulette Multiplier Reel

A very simple game this one, in which straight up bets pay out a different amount on each spin.

Once all bets have been placed the multiplier reel will spin automatically. This is run using an RNG but the game itself is live, using a real dealer to operate the wheel.

The multiplier reel can show five multipliers under the regular 35:1 - with the lowest being 18x - and five over the regular 35:1, with the biggest possible option being 100x.

A new multiplier amount is spun for each new game round.

No other bets are impacted by this additional feature, and the RTP remains at 97.30%.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Roulette

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Roulette Multipliers

Who Wants to be a Millionaire roulette offers a maximum payout of 2000x, and this is achieved by building multipliers through a bonus game.

Before each spin of the wheel the RNG randomly selects between 1 and 10 Millionaire numbers, and then gives each one a symbol.

One of these symbols is an instant 100x multiplier that is applied to your stake, but the other symbols either give you a choice between a multiplier and a reduced length bonus game, or trigger the full length bonus game right away.

During the bonus game, players must collect the highest multipliers possible by correctly guessing which 'answer' is hiding the biggest multiplier; A, B, C or D, just like in the TV show.

Initially, guessing incorrectly simply grants a smaller multiplier that is banked before moving on to the next round, but around half way through the game, multipliers begin to be replaced with red crosses that end the game if chosen.

The player still collects all multiplier earned thus far, but the ultimate aim is to complete each round of the game and to correctly select the highest multiplier each time too.

Jet Set Racing Roulette

Jet Set Racing Roulette Multipliers

This is a multi-layered European roulette variation with two wheels, virtual races, and multipliers.

The multipliers are applied to each runner in each virtual race, and the player must predict the winner and second place racer before the races are run.

If they pick correctly, the multipliers that have been randomly applied to those racers will be applied to any winning inside bets once the two roulette wheels have been spun.

The roulette wheels are only spun once the races have been completed.

There are two races run, one for each roulette wheel, and all bets placed at the start of each round will be equally split between both wheels, so in effect all bets are halved.

The maximum multiplier possible is 5000x, but this requires perfect race predictions as well as two straight up wins on both wheels afterwards.


Power Up Roulette

Pragmatic Play
Power Up Roulette Bonus Round

Power Up Roulette sets itself apart from other variations by having a bonus game that is accessed when randomly assigned 'Power Up' numbers are hit.

These numbers are the same for everyone, and unlike many other multiplier based roulette games, you don't need a bet on the Power Up numbers to benefit.

Once a Power Up number is hit, the bonus game will trigger, and every single number on the board will be given a multiplier from 25x up to 500x. This is random, handled by an RNG.

The wheel is then spun again, and the number the ball lands on will be paid out at whatever multiplier it has been randomly assigned. The key thing here, is that your bets from the initial game carry over into the bonus game, and you can't add new bets after the fact.

So if you don't have many straight up bets on and the bonus triggers, your chances of winning anything are slim.

The good news, is that Power Ups can re-trigger up to 5 times, meaning the top payout for a single number climbs to 8,000x, and the max potential win on the game is 15,525x.

Roulette Mega Moolah

Switch Studios
Roulette Mega Moolah Multipliers

The base game is a European roulette version, with everything as you would expect it other than the payout for straight up bets, which has been reduced to 29:1 to allow for the extra multiplied payouts as covered below.

Once bets are placed, up to five numbers will be randomly selected by the RNG to become 'lucky' numbers.

These will then have a multiplier of between 40x and 200x applied by the RNG, and any lucky number that the ball happens to land on will receive the associated multiplier rather than the lower 29:1 figure.

This assumes you have placed a bet on that number of course.

Winning straight ups on numbers that haven't been multiplied just get the regular 29:1.

There is also a progressive jackpot linked to this game, which is accessed via the lucky numbers. If a number is given a Mega Moolah title instead of a multiplier amount, then successful bets on this number will make it through to the jackpot game.

Space Invaders Roulette

Inspired Entertainment
Space Invaders Roulette Multiplier

Like a fair few other roulette variations, Space Invaders Roulette adds random multipliers to between 1 and 5 numbers per spin, and those multipliers can be worth between 50x and 250x each.

These multipliers might also be doubled if the old UFO appears above the board and is shot down by the space ship, which means a max potential payout of 500x. The max win is £250k and max bet is £10k.

The payouts for straight ups, splits, and corner bets have been cut to allow for the enhanced multipliers but all other payouts remain the same.


Mega Fire Blaze Roulette

Mega Fire BLaze Roulette Bonus Round INterface

Mega Fire Blaze Roulette uses multipliers as part of a would be bonus round.

By selecting specific special numbers on the board before each spin a gateway to the bonus round is created, so anyone with straight up bets on those special numbers gets through should the ball land on one of them.

The amount the bonus round is worth is decided by random multipliers dropping onto a grid across three 'spins' of the bonus game. This will end up unlocking one of 4 jackpots, that are actually just pre-set multiplier amounts between 20x and 2000x.

Multifire Roulette

Switch Studios
Multifire Roulette Multiplier

Once your bets are locked in, the RNG in this game will select between 3 and 5 numbers to be boosted, and give them a random multiplier amount. If you have a straight up bet on any of those numbers then you are in with a chance to win a boosted payout.

The ball needs to land on the boosted number for the boosted payout to come into effect, of course, but if it does then the win can be worth between 50x and 500x.

The regular payout for a non-boosted winning straight up bet has been dropped to 29:1 to account for these occasional boosts, so it is all down to luck and fortunate timing as to whether or not the trade off works out.

Luck o'the Roulette

Win Studios
Luck othe Roulette Wheel

This game uses multipliers along with an extra space on the wheel to create potentially bigger payouts.

The wheel has an additional outer ring showing a variety of different sized multipliers from 15x to 60x as well as a pot of gold symbol, which actually just means 100x your stake.

After all bets but before each spin, the outer ring will tick around to select the multiplier that will be on offer for that particular spin. This is different every time.

The wheel itself also has an extra space, the pot of gold, and should you make a successful bet on it then the multiplier that was decided before the spin took place will be granted to you.

Superboost Roulette

Core Gaming Ltd
Superboost Roulette Boosts Layout

Another game, this time RNG based, which selects up to 5 special numbers once all bets are placed and gives them a boosted multiplier should the ball land on them.

The multiplier is random and can be anything from 50x to 1000x, but regular no boosted straight up wins have been reduced to 29:1  compensate for this.

You will need to have a straight up bet on one of the boosted numbers in order to win the multiplied payout, of course, and the boosts do not have an impact on any other bet types.

Golden Chip Roulette

Golden Chip Roulette

Any straight up bet placed in Golden Chip Roulette becomes 'golden', and the payout you will receive if the bet wins will not be the regular 35:1.

Instead, once all bets are placed, the multiplier wheel will spin and whatever it lands on will be the payout for straight up bets for that game.

This can be anything from 10x to 500x, so it varies widely, but only two of the possible multipliers are less than 35:1. These are the 10x and 20x multipliers, the rest will all result in a higher payout, but the higher the multiplier, the fewer times it appears on the multiplier wheel.


Key Bet Roulette

Key Bet Roulette Outer Disc

An additional outer ring accompanies the traditional roulette wheel in this game, and it contains a number of different multiplier amounts from 20x to 'The Pot' - which is 100x your stake.

After all bets are placed and locked in the outer ring will randomly select a multiplier amount that will be up for grabs during that spin.

There is also an additional space on the wheel and betting board known as the 'Key Bet'. If you bet on the space and the ball lands on it, you will win the multiplier that has been chosen.

Quantum Roulette

Quantum Roulette Multipliers

In Quantum Roulette, up to 5 special numbers are selected after betting has closed, and these numbers are then given multiplier values of between 50x and 500x.

Straight up bets on these special numbers stand to win the multiplier amount rather than the regular 35:1 should the ball land on them. These multipliers can even be increased now and again if the Quantum Boost or Quantum Leap features randomly trigger.

There is also an automated version of this game that operates in the exact same way but is played without a presenter.

Lightning Roulette

Evolution Gaming
Lightning Roulette Reveal

This is a European roulette variant. After all bets have been placed and the live presenter has called no more bets, lightening strikes the betting board and 'electrifies' up to 5 different numbers.

These numbers are then given a random multiplier value of between 50x and 500x, so anyone with straight up bets on them can now potentially win a lot more than the standard 35:1.

That said, in order to balance the game with these higher payouts, regular non electrified straight up bets have actually had their payout ratio reduced to 29:1.