Vinnie Jones Roulette

Vinnie Jones Roulette LogoVinnie Jones Roulette is, quite simply, the game of roulette with Hollywood actor and ex Wimbledon footballer Vinnie Jones acting as the dealer.

This is a newish concept, presenting an RNG based game in a way that makes it feel more alive and in the moment, less robotic, although obviously Vinnie Jones’ interactions are all pre-recorded.

The game is a cousin to Vinnie Jones Blackjack, and both have been developed by Real Dealer Studios.

Vinnie Jones Roulette Rules and Gameplay

Vinnie Jones Roulette

This is European roulette, so there is just the single zero and all of the regular bet types are there with the expected payouts, so there is nothing new to learn or get used to if you choose to play the game.

The only difference between this and a standard RNG based European roulette game is thematic, so the game environment might feel a little different, and it is also a little slower too because of Vinnie’s interactions.

Placing bets is simply a case of selecting a chip value and then clicking on the area of the board where you want to place your bet. Any mistakes can be changed and removed before you hit the spin button, so there is no worry of incorrectly placing bets.

Bets can be placed as low as 25p on all areas of the board, with a table maximum of £54.5k and a bet maximum ranging between £125 and £1,000 depending on the bet in question.

A nice touch which you don’t often see, is that along with the option to change to the racetrack view, you can also place lots of different groups of bets with one click.

Vinnie Jones Roulette 007 Bet

These include options you will have heard of like Orphelins etc., but also things like a snake bet, 007 bet, and the lesser spotted Finale Plein and Finale Cheval etc.

That gives you some idea of the tone the game is aiming for; there is a level of sophistication to it… despite Vinnie’s involvement.


There’s not much to say here since the game itself is untouched.

The theoretical return to player percentage remains at 97.3% just as it is in a standard version of European roulette.

This equates to a house edge of 2.70%.