Age of the Gods Roulette

Age of the Gods Roulette LogoAge of the Gods Roulette mixes the worlds of table games and online slots by utilising one of the most popular progressive jackpots in existence, courtesy of game developer Playtech.

The game works just the way you would expect when it comes to the roulette side of things; it’s a European variant and you can still make all of the usual bets and the regular payouts apply, so there is nothing new to learn in this respect.

The way it differs is by adding an extra pocket onto the wheel and an extra betting option onto the board, which is the key to unlocking the bonus round where you can boost your payouts by up to 300x.

The Wheel

Age of the Gods Roulette Wheel

As you can see above, the extra pocket on the wheel is an Age of Gods themed pocket, and this matches up with the extra betting area on display in the image below.

Age of the Gods Roulette Board

Should the ball land on the Age of Gods pocket then the bonus round is triggered, however, you will need to have placed a qualifying bet on that section to be taken through to the bonus round, otherwise you miss out.

The Bonus Round

Age of the Gods Roulette Bonus

Once the bonus round begins, lightning flashes and all, you will be presented with a three reel slot which you get to spin three times.

The objective is to land three matching symbols and each symbol has a different multiplier value which will be added to the stake you had on the bonus section of the board; so if you bet £1 and land the 5x multiplier your payout for that spin will be £5.

The payouts look like this:

Symbol Multiplier
Aphrodite 5x
Athena 8x
Artemis 10x
Hercules 15x
Hades 20x
Poseidon 25x
Zeus 50x
Gold Coin 100x

Be aware that you are guaranteed to land at least one winning combination on any of your three spins, but equally you could land the 100x three times in a row.


Age of the Gods Roulette jackpot

The progressive jackpot that is built into the game can trigger randomly at any time, and there is nothing you can do to influence this one way or the other.

There are actually 4 different jackpots that get larger and trigger less frequently as they go:

  • Power
  • Extra Power
  • Super Power
  • Ultimate Power

These are the same progressive jackpots that are being played for by all of the slots players too, so they can build very quickly.

They seed at £50, £500, £5,000, and £100,000 respectively.


The minimum theoretical return to player percentage here is 94.74%, and the maximum is almost exactly one percentage point higher at 95.73%.

Both of these take into account the jackpot contribution of 1%, which is taken from your stake and added to the progressive jackpot amount.

This will never be more than £10 no matter how much you bet.

Age of the Gods Live

Age of the Gods Roulette Live

There is also a live version of this game with a host dressed appropriately ad adorned with gold in keeping with the theme, and all played out in front of a 26 meter screen which provides an ancient Greek backdrop.

However, there is no bonus round in this game, so it is effectively bog standard European roulette except it’s live and the host is in fancy dress.

The progressive jackpots are included however, and they work in the same way as explained above, so there is the added benefit of a potential jackpot win thrown in with every spin of the wheel.