Live Football Roulette

Football Roulette Live LogoOne for the sports fans, Live Football Roulette is an interesting blend of European roulette with a footballing theme, as well as an extra side bet.

It’s a game by Playtech who are one of the biggest game developers in the world, and is streamed live from their studios in Latvia.

The minimum stake is 50p on any bet type, while the maximum stake allowed is £2,000, and it gets particularly interesting on big match days when not one but two live dealer hosts run the room, chatting everything football while you play.

How the Game Works

Live Football Roulette

Live roulette games have a bit more going on visually than their RNG based counterparts, but the majority of it is more to do with optimising the experience rather than actually playing the game.

Anyone new to live casino betting just needs to pay attention to the different chip values and the betting board to begin with.

50p chips will be selected by default, but you can change to a higher chip value by clicking it, and to place a bet you simply need to click on the area of the board where you want your bet placed.

You can only do this during the 15 second betting window though, which will be obvious thanks to a countdown timer that pops up in the centre of the screen. After this, no more bets can be made and the betting board will shrink down to a slightly smaller size.

You will notice that the betting board has an additional section, the Goal area. This is an optional side bet which does not impact the rest of the game.

Tying in with this are the football shirts that pop up on the board before each spin. Again, these do not interfere with the game itself, but are important for the side bet which we will cover shortly.

Football Roulette Live Betting Board

The interesting thing about this roulette game is that even if you have no interest in the side bet, you might still want to come and play here because of the theme.

The dealers do generally know their stuff so will be able to chat about what is going on in the world of football, and there is football news and information on a screen in the background too.

The base game payouts are unaffected by the side bet so unlike many other variants there is no penalty to straight up bet payouts to make room for the fancy features, meaning anyone who likes the footy and was going to play a standard European version of the game may as well do it here.

Scoring Goals

Football Roulette Live Multiplier

The ‘Goal’ side bet is a great addition because it takes care of itself without impacting the base game.

It works like this.

Before each spin, 5 neighbour numbers will have football shirts added to them, and if the ball lands on one of the football shirt numbers, any bets on the Goal side bet will be winners.

These being neighbour numbers mean they are all right next to each other, so in effect this is a bet on a small section of the wheel, covering roughly 1/7 of the numbers. It’s slightly less than that in reality, but works out at 13.51% of the wheel, so could be a good bet to use alongside any favourite inside bets you like to make.

Football Roulette Live Side Bet Win FrequencyThe other nice thing about this setup is that the shirts show up before betting time is over because there is no player advantage to having that information. It does mean though, that anyone with lucky numbers, or trying to cover a larger section of the wheel, or anyone who is trying to follow the trends shown in the statistics the game supplies, can make Goal bets based around this if they want to.

In terms of the payout; an RNG operated multiplier reel will spin on a screen to the right once betting time is over.

It will land on either:

  • 3x
  • 5x
  • 20x
  • 50x
  • 100x

Whichever multiplier it lands on becomes the payout for the Goal side bet for that spin.

As you might expect, the 3x and 5x are far more frequent than all of the others, but nevertheless, there is the potential to win up to 100x with this side bet.

It has a 13.5% chance of winning for each spin.


The theoretical return to player percentage for Live Football Roulette stands at 97.30%.

However, the Goal side bet has a lower RTP at 95.29%.

Because the base game and the side bet do not interfere with each other in any way (they just use the same spin of the wheel to decide their separate outcomes), they are essentially acting as two individual games with their own individual RTPs.