PaddyPower Money Back Roulette

Money Back Roulette LogoFor players who are especially risk averse, variations that give you an extra edge for free are extremely welcome, and this is one of them.

This RNG based game has been developed by Cayetano Gaming (via Red Tiger), which itself is a studio owned and managed by Flutter Entertainment.

It gets more complicated though, because the company was formed under PaddyPower Betfair PLC before they became Flutter Entertainment – all that really means is that you won’t find this particular game anywhere else, it’s an exclusive.

Money Back Feature

Money Back ROulette

The game itself is just your standard version of European roulette.

Everything is just as you would expect to find it except for one thing: if the ball lands on the zero and you do not have a bet on that number, then you have the chance to get your stake back.

MOney Back Roulette Coin TossThis is decided by the flip of a coin, so you have a 50:50 chance of getting lucky.

You can see what we mean in the image on the right.

It’s your call whether to go for heads or tails, and after that it is down to fate. Or more specifically, the game’s engine.

This is a simple tweak to a simple game, but one that puts the odds a little further in the players’ favour.

It’s a little like the En Prison rule but you don’t need to spin the wheel again to find out the fate of your stake.


Given that there is an opportunity to retrieve a losing bet every time the ball lands on zero, the theoretical return to player percentage climbs a little higher than normal.

In this case, it is 98.65% which is about as high as you will find anywhere else. That makes this game a bit of a no brainer unless you are after a specific feature like a jackpot that another variation with a lower RTP might have.