Space Invaders Roulette

Space Invaders Roulette LogoInspired Entertainment is behind this European roulette variant with a retro twist, having entered into a partnership with the Space Invaders owner, Taito.

It’s an RNG based game with a fun design and an authentic soundtrack that will bring back memories for anyone around at the dawn of computer gaming.

It’s essentially the same game as normal roulette but with random multipliers applied after all bets have been made, which can see payouts boosted by up to 500x.

Playing the Game

Space Invaders Roulette

Like many RNG based roulette games, instead of seeing the table and the wheel, only the betting area is displayed to us in the first instance, and apart from a more interesting than usual backdrop – thanks to the theme – it all looks standard.

Bets are placed by choosing your chip value and then clicking on the area of the betting board that corresponds with the bet type you want to place.

The main difference between this game and a bog standard version is that regular payouts have been cut for straight up, split, and corner bets as follows:

  • Straight Up – 29/1
  • Split – 14/1
  • Corner – 6.5/1

This is to allow for the multiplied payouts which will be covered below.

There are various buttons on the board which are fairly self explanatory, such as repeat bet etc., but if you want to place racetrack bets you can change the view by clicking on the ‘neighbour’ button.


Space Invaders Roulette Multiplier

Once all bets have been placed a short animation takes place in which the 8-bit alien sprites from Space Invaders appear on certain numbers on the board, and the space ship comes along and shoots them to reveal a multiplier which is then applied to that number.

This is all done by the RNG, not by the player, and you can get between 1 and 5 aliens showing up, revealing multipliers of between 50x – 250x going up in 50x increments.

Lastly, the UFO may also fly over the board and, if hit, will double all multipliers.

Space Invaders Roulette Corner BetOnce this section has completed the spin itself occurs and if the ball lands on a multiplied number then any bets on that number will receive the enhanced payout, but all other none multiplied wins pay out according to the paytable.

Be aware that on bets like splits and corners, only a proportion of your stake will benefit from the enhanced payout. For instance a split on numbers 11/14 would be split in half for the purposes of the multiplier; so with a £10 split bet and number 11 getting a 50x multiplier, only £5 of it would be multiplied by 50, because the bet covers 2 numbers. If it was a corner bet, only £2.50 of the £10 would benefit from the multiplier, the rest would be paid out as normal.

Anyone who has played games such as Lightning Roulette will recognise the format here. It is basically the same thing but with a very specific theme. In other words, the model isn’t really any different, but the aesthetics are.


This game advertises a theoretical return to player percentage of between 94.74%-97.30%.

The lower figure is because of the aforementioned bet types which have had their regular payouts cut to enable those big multiplier wins.

Any other bet types are unaffected though, so there is no disadvantage to playing the game using street, line, dozen, and even money bets.