Jet Set Racing Roulette

Jet Set Racing Roulette LogoPlaytech have developed a fully immersive and multi layered European roulette version here, with two wheels, multipliers and even some virtual racing.

It’s a live casino game, although there is an RNG element when it comes to the racing and the multipliers, and it has the potential for a maximum payout of 5000x.

The game itself is live streamed from a purpose built live casino studio, while the game mechanics such as betting options and the like are overlaid digitally.

How the Game Works

Jet Set Racing Roulette

There is a lot to take in when first opening the game, but it’s all easy to work with taken one bit at a time.

There is a 20 second betting period during which players can select chip values and place bets, either manually or by using the bet creatoror lucky dip buttons.

Once betting time is over the game starts, with a racing stage taking place first before the roulette wheels are spun to reveal the winning numbers.

We will go into this in more detail below, but the basic premise is that the results of the races dictate a multiplier amount that will be applied to your inside bets should they come in on the roulette wheels.

There are a few key things to know about the game setup before we get into that though, and the first is that there are actually two wheels in play in Jet Set Racing Roulette.

Your bets will be placed on a single betting board, but that board is then split in two, which means your bet is split in two as well, with half going on one wheel and half on the other.

Therefore, if you would like a £1 bet on both wheels you need to place a £2 bet on the board.

The second thing to know, is that regular payouts for inside bets half been dropped in order to allow the developers to offer the big multipliers we will talk about shortly.

The new payouts are as follows:

Outcome Payout
Straight Up 23:1
Split 11:1
Street 7:1
Corner 5:1
Line 3:1

Outside bets remain unchanged.


The game can be thought of as having two different phases:

  • Racing
  • Roulette

We will look at them separately to keep things easy to follow.


Jet Set Racing Roulette Race

Once your bets have been placed two virtual races will begin.

An RNG will decide whether these are horse races, greyhound races, speedway races, or trotting races. It doesn’t really matter what is chosen, it just keeps things from going stale by having a few different visual options.

We will assume horse racing has been picked just to make it easier to talk about.

You will be required to pick two horses that you think will come first and second in each race, so four horses in total, and each horse will have been assigned a multiplier. Each horse also has a very basic form guide next to it represented using an x out of 5 stars system, and those with fewer stars will have higher multipliers, but less chance of winning.

The horses you pick are important because whether or not they win dictates whether or not you win the multiplier. However, if you don’t pick in time the system will pick at random for you.

If the horse you picked first in each race does indeed come first, then you win the multiplier attached to that horse, but if the second horse you picked comes first or second, then you also win the multiplier attached to it.

So in a funny sort of way, that second horse is potentially more useful than the first because it pays out in two positions rather than one.

However, the amount of the multiplier you get depends on the bet type you have on that number:

Bet Type Multiplier % Given
Straight Up 100%
Split 50%
Street 33%
Corner 25%
Line 16%

If you guess both results correctly (so your first pick comes first and your second pick comes second), then your multiplier will be bumped to a higher combo multiplier.

If you guess both results correctly on both races, then you become eligible for the even bigger Jet Set Multiplier, and this is where the maximum potential payout of 5000x comes from.


Jet Set Racing Roulette Wheels

Once the races have been completed and the results are in, the game moves on to the roulette wheels.

It’s back to regularity here, with one roulette wheel being spun before the other, revealing the winning numbers one by one.

It is possible to win on both wheels or just one of the wheels, but remember, only the half of your stake on the original betting board will have the multiplier applied to it.

Any winning inside bets will benefit from any enhanced payouts that are active, but if there were no correct predictions in the race and no multiplier has been issued, you will be paid out at the regular odds for this game.

Once both wheels have completed their spins the game is over and the next round can begin.


The theoretical return to player percentage for the game is 97.29%, so almost exactly the same as a regular roulette version.

That said, the way the RTP is spread out will alter since those winning big multipliers will effectively be taking winnings from those winning regular inside bets.

The multipliers basically borrow RTP from the regular inside bets in order to keep the game balanced, but it obviously means regular wins are worth less.