Spin till you Win Roulette

Spin till you Win Roulette LogoThis RNG based European roulette variant has been developed by Playtech, one of the industry’s biggest and best known developers.

It is a simple variant but it offers the chance to win much higher payouts than the standard game thanks to the Spin till you Win bonus feature, boasting up to a maximum of 500x.

There is a minimum bet of just 50p for all bet types including outside bets, and a table maximum bet of £10,000. However, the most you can stake on most individual bet types is £1,000, although this goes up to £6,000 for line bets, £4,000 for corner bets, £3,000 for streets, and £2,000 for splits.

How the Game Works

Spin till you Win Roulette

There is very little to explain in terms of the base game, as everything is laid out just like you would expect, and the process of choosing stajke sizes and placing your bets is industry standard.

You simply need to click the chip denomination you want to place, then once that is selected you click on the area of the board where you want to place your bet.

There are other useful buttons to undo bets, clear the board, make the same bet again etc., as well as the ability to flip to racetrack view and a place to track your coverage and see the previous results.

The game only becomes a little different once you hit the spin button.

Spin till you Win Roulette Special Numbers

At this point, between 1 and 15 numbers will light up on the board while the ball is spinning. These are now your special numbers for the round, and if the ball lands on one of them it will trigger the bonus round where the bigger money can be won.

Assuming this doesn’t happen however, all bets and wins work as normal with the same payouts, apart from straight up bets.

The payout for a winning single number bet is 29:1 in this game rather than the usual 35:1, and this is because the casino needs to maintain their edge once the higher payouts in the bonus round have been considered.

Big Chance and Mega Chance

Spin Till You Win roulette Big Chance

While we mentioned that between 1 and 15 numbers can be highlighted, you will need the Big Chance or Mega Chance to trigger in order to get 10 and above.

This is a randomly activated feature but it does occur fairly frequently, and causes more special numbers to light up than on a regular spin.

  • Big Chance – 10 special numbers
  • Mega Chance – 15 special numbers

Obviously, the more special numbers there are the more chance there is that you will have bet on one of them. It’s just a way of boosting your odds of triggering the bonus round.

Spin till You Win Bonus Round

Spin Till You Win Roulette Bonus Multiplier Reel

The bonus round will trigger if the ball lands on one of the numbers that has been lit up in yellow, however, you will need to have a straight up bet on that number for it to count, other bet types will not gain you entry into the bonus round.

As an example of your chances, betting on a single number each spin would give you a 1 in 295.7 chance of triggering the bonus round, but of course, the more straight up bets you make the bigger your chances become. That will obviously cost more each spin, however, so it’s a balance.

If you manage to trigger the bonus round with a straight up bet, you will have to spin the multiplier reel to decide what your minimum payout will be for the bonus round. You can see it in the image above, while the possible payouts and their probabilities of landing are shown in the table below.

Multiplier Amount Probability in %
Bonus x10 0.55
Bonus x25 12.11
Bonus x30 14.31
Bonus x35 31.10
Bonus x40 16.51
Bonus x45 8.26
Bonus x50 7.76
Bonus x75 6.11
Bonus x100 2.48
Bonus x250 0.5
Bonus x500 0.33

The amount you land on is the minimum you will win from the round; it is possible to win more than that.

The game will randomly place bets on the board for you and then spin the wheel, and won’t stop doing so until you have won at least the amount shown on the multiplier reel.

Spin Till You Win Roulette Bonus Round

This image shows our multiplier round, in which we got 30x on the multiplier reel but won 90x by the time the round finished.

It took us six spins to get there, the first five all being losers with more chips being added after each loss to increase the chances of a win on the next spin.

It is possible to win on several spins and still not get past your minimum payout, but equally, you can lose a lot then win it all in one like we did, on number 27 red.


The theoretical return to player percentage for this game is still 97.30%, just as it is in a regular version of European roulette.

They have managed to balance the overall game in this way despite the extra bonus round feature by dropping the payout of regular winning straight up bets to 29:1.

This means you are paying for the chance to win larger amounts in the form of reduced winnings elsewhere.