Double Bonus Spin Roulette

Double Bonus Spin Roulette LogoThis is a variation of American roulette which is less common to see, and its is an RNG based game from well known software developer IGT.

There is huge payout potential in this game which far outweighs what most other variations offer, but it is also a little trickier to understand and the chance of hitting those payouts is understandably slim.

However, what might at first glance look like a game to avoid, actually has more value in it than you might expect given what we know about American roulette and its’ two zeros.

The Interface

Double Bonus Spin Roulette

There is quite a lot going on when you first look at the interface, but most of it is just graphics or an alternative way to view and bet on the game. This is all stuff you will have seen elsewhere, so once your eyes settle it shouldn’t be too intimidating.

You might not recognise a few of the betting options on the table, which are circled in the image above.

Bet Description
Red Splits All possible split bets using only red numbers
Black Splits All possible split bets using only black numbers
Red Dragon Dragon shape using red numbers
Black Dragon Dragon shape using black numbers

As an example you can see the Red Dragon bets in the image below.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette Dragon bet

The only other button you won’t be used to seeing is the bright yellow ‘Bonus’ bet.


Double Bonus SPin BOnusThis bonus bet also has an extra pocket on the wheel which is extra wide, so it should theoretically hit 1.5x times as often than all others.

You will need a bet on the bonus to benefit from it when it does come in, but there is no obligation to do so if you are happy to give up the chance of bigger wins.

If the ball lands in the bonus pocket you will receive an initial payout based on the qualifying bet as follows:

  • Straight Up – 11:1
  • Split (Bonus + zero) – 5:1
  • Trio (Bonus + both zeros) – 3:1

On top of this, all current bets will stand and the bonus wheel will replace the regular wheel. This is effectively two wheels in one as you can see in the image below, and each wheel is independent of the other.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette Bonus Wheel

Both wheels spin this time around, effectively giving you a free spin of the wheel.

The first winning number is decided in the usual way, with the ball landing in one of the pockets of the inner wheel.

The outer wheel with then slow and the number that lines up with the winning number of the inner wheel becomes the second winner.

Double Bonus Roulette Bonus PayoutsIn our example image then, the two winning numbers would be black 2 and red 9.

The small table in the image to the right shows the payout for a further one or two bonus wins based on your qualifying bet. This does not retrigger the bonus round but you can win up to 1200x the initial bet placed on the bonus.

Once the round is complete all wins from the bonus round are paid out and the game resets.


Unusually for an American version of roulette, the theoretical return to player percentage is quite high.

The RTP is 98.06% which is higher, in fact, than that of standard European roulette.