Ultimate Roulette

Ultimate Roulette LogoA lesser known developer called Ezugi is behind this Circus themed European roulette variation, although they are actually part of the Evolution group, which is arguably the industry leader in live gaming.

It’s a live casino game, although there is an RNG element in the way the multipliers are randomly selected and applied, but you can expect a real wheel, ball, and a presenter/dealer running the show.

It is similar to some of the earlier games that introduced multipliers such as Lightning Roulette and Quantum Roulette, but this games takes the idea a step further, resulting in a maximum win potential of 2,000x.

How the Game Works

Ultimate Roulette Ezugi

Ultimate Roulette is easy to get to grips with because aside from the addition of random multipliers (which is handled by the RNG), everything else is fairly standard.

The game interface shows a live stream of the game being played with all of the user options digitally overlaid for you to interact with, such as game statistics, chip values, and the betting board where you place your bets.

This is simply a case of clicking the chip value you are comfortable with, and then clicking on the area of the betting board where you want to place that bet.

You only have 15 seconds of betting time to place your bets, but you can use their pre-selected layouts and/or special bets, but there is no option to save your own favourite bet groupings for quicker placement, sadly.

The game uses an auto wheel, and the minimum bet anywhere on the table is just 10p, with a table maximum of £100,000.

Once bets are placed and the timer for betting time has run out, the multiplier stage of the game begins.

Buying Multipliers

Ultimate Roulette Multipliers

Once all bets have been placed but before the wheel is spun, between 1 and 5 multiplier amounts will be applied randomly to numbers across the board.

This is the RNG element of the game.

If you have a straight up bet on one of these numbers and the ball happens to land on it, then you win the multiplier amount rather than the regular payout, which has been dropped from 35:1 to 28:1 in this game in order to allow for the multiplied payouts.

The possible multiplier amounts are:

  • 50x
  • 100x
  • 150x
  • 250x
  • 500x
  • 750x
  • 1000x

Ultimate Roulette Buy MultipliersHowever, once these multipliers have been applied, you have the option to buy between 1 and 3 extra multipliers that will be added to the board as well.

These could end up anywhere though, so they won’t necessarily land on numbers that you have bet on.

It costs an additional 10% of the bets you already have on the board to buy each additional multiplier, so buying 3 would cost you 3 x 10% of your bet.

The extra benefit, however, is that these multipliers might be randomly doubled, so herein lies the potential for 2,000x on a winning bet.

The last thing to mention, is that very occasionally, the RNG will decide to ‘spread’ a multiplier to a few neighbouring numbers. These will then have the same multiplier amount as the number that caused the spread, and since it happens before you are given the option to buy extra multipliers, you could save your money on that spin, or buy more regardless and have a potential 11 numbers with multipliers attached.


The theoretical return to player percentage for Ultimate Roulette by Ezugi is 97.30% overall, which is perfectly in line with a regular version of European roulette.

The game has been balanced by reducing the payout for regular winning straight up bets from 35:1 to 28:1, which is a common trick in these situations.

his does mean that straight up bets have a lower RTP of 96.85%, but by buying one or three extra multipliers you can boost the RTP to 97.35% and 97.34% respectively. Buying two just gives you 97.30%.

So basically, it’s not really worth playing this game over another that is similar unless you intend to buy extra multipliers.