Nexus Roulette

Nexus Roulette LogoOnAir Entertainment are a lesser known live casino provider, but that hasn’t stopped them creating a multi-layered and very entertaining game in Nexus Roulette.

It is a live game so you can watch the action via a video stream, and although there is no dealer as such (the machines are automated) there is a host who will take you through each round, giving proceedings a game show feel.

It comes with multiple wheels which has opened the door to a few new bet types, and a lot of different payout amounts, as well as a few traditional bet types that are not available at all here.

Understanding the Game

Nexus ROulette

The first thing that you will notice apart from all of the amazing neon colours, is that there are four wheels spinning in this game, and the whole thing is set on some sort of space ship.

The majority of this is just aesthetics to create an atmosphere though; the way in which the interface works is the same as you might be used to.

In short, the video stream of the game has a digital interface laid over the top of it so that the player can choose chip values, place bets, and manage their settings etc.

The game itself looks complicated, but it can be thought of as having one ‘main’ wheel (the circle) and three ancillary wheels to make it simpler.

These are:

  • The square wheel
  • The triangle wheel
  • The hexagon wheel

The main wheel is used to find the result of the main roulette game, and a few bets that remain unchanged, while the ancillary wheels provide the ability for larger payouts and new bet types.

Nexus Roulette Wheels

To play, bets must be placed in the 15 seconds betting time before each round using the on screen chips, and these chips come in denominations of 50p to £100, with a table limit of £1,500. The chips are dragged and dropped into place, but it is possible to pre-set your bets so they can be placed with a single click, to make things easier.

To add to the excitement, the main wheel spins first to establish the first winning number, before all three ancillary wheels spin to finish the game off. This makes it a slower game, but one with much more going on.

The Betting Area

Nexus Roulette Betting Board

The last thing to mention is that the betting board also looks a little different, in order to accommodate the different bet types.

You will notice the Nexus Bet area takes the place of some of the even money bets, and the column betting areas look different too, but are in the same place.

These, along with the red/neon betting areas, show the four different wheel shapes, which helpfully light up when they are hit so you can see how close you are to a bigger win.

The wheel sum bets are located at the bottom and show the payout in large type and the number range in smaller type, so for example if the numbers on all four wheels add up to 21, the payout would be 13x.

Different Bets and Payouts

Nexus Roulette Bets

While many of the bet types are the same as usual on the surface, the way in which they win or lose is very different in almost every case, and the payouts for bets have mostly been changed too, and significantly so.

There are no High/Low or Odd/Even bet options, and Corner, Street, and Split bets can be made, but these are the exception to the rule in that they work in the same way as a normal roulette game, with no irregularities or extra options, and with the same payouts too. All other remaining bets have something new to know about though.

We will cover the regular bet types first, and then move on to those unique to this variant.

Straight Up

Starting with straight up bets, the standard odds have been dropped to 28:1 for a win on the main wheel.

However, if the number you bet on comes up on two wheels or more, those odds can climb much higher even if it doesn’t land on the main wheel.

The fact that there are four wheels also means that two straight up bets can technically win on the same round.

Outcome Payout
Main Wheel 28:1
Any 2 Wheels 49:1
Any 3 Wheels 499:1
Any 4 Wheels 4999:1

Colour Bet

This is Nexus Roulette’s version of Red or Black, and the first major difference is that the colour black is gone, and has been replaced with ‘Neon’.

The bet is placed in the same way but in order to win a colour bet you need at least 3 of the wheels to show the result you have bet on. So a bet on red is actually a bet that 3 of the wheels will land on red, for example.

Outcome Payout
Any 3 Wheels 2:1
Any 4 Wheels 3:1

Column Bet

Much like with the colour bets, a column bet requires at least three of the four wheels to land in your favour before you will receive a payout.

It doesn’t matter which wheels show the necessary result though, and there is a much larger payout for all four wheels showing a number from the column that has been bet on.

Outcome Payout
Any 3 Wheels 7:1
Any 4 Wheels 19:1

Nexus Bet

Next up is the Nexus bet, the first of the unique bet types.

This is a bet that the same number will come up on any two wheels on the same spin. It doesn’t matter what the number is, players are not betting on a specific number, but on the event occurring at all.

It can happen in different ways though, as follows:

Outcome Payout
Same Number on 2 Wheels 4:1
Same Number on 2 Wheels x2 9:1
Same Number on 3 Wheels 49:1
Same Number on 4 Wheels 499:1

For clarity, the 9:1 payout occurs when a matching pair of numbers lands on two wheels, but another matching pair of numbers lands on the other two wheels. So perhaps number 23 lands on two wheels and then number 30 lands on the other two.

Wheel Sum Bets

When it comes to the wheel sum options, the payout is different for each individual bet which means that the RTP is different too, so we will list all of them side by side in the table below.

Here, you are betting on the results of all four wheels when added together. You do this by picking a range that you think the total will fall into.

Bet Payout RTP
0-17 364:1 94.35%
17-40 12:1 90.71%
41-74 1:1 94.52%
75-102 3:2 93.92%
103-119 13:1 95.80%
120-144 85:1 93.35%

Obviously, when you look at all the different numbers on the wheels and the totals they might add up to, some number ranges are much more likely than others, which is why the payouts for these bets vary so widely.


The game is listed as having a theoretical return to player percentage of 97.30%, just like normal.

However, the only bet type with that RTP is the line bet, with all other bets having a lower RTP, so something is amiss here.

Each individual bet, other than the number range/spread bets which are listed above, have RTPs as follows:

  • Straight Up – 97.05%
  • Colour Bet – 93.35%
  • Column Bet – 95.89%
  • Nexus Bet – 91.96%