Betfair Bonus Roulette

Betfair Bonus Roulette LogoIt isn’t often that the casino gives the player a greater chance of winning out of the goodness of their own hearts, but that seems to be exactly what is going on with this Playtech roulette variant that is exclusive to Betfair.

It isn’t a world altering restructure of the game, but with a bonus round included that costs nothing to enjoy the player is immediately on the front foot.

This is an RNG based game based on European roulette, and the minimum stake is 10p – £1.00 depending on the bet that is made.

The Zero

Betfair Bonus Roulette

There is absolutely nothing different about the wheel or the board in this variation of the game. There are 36 numbers plus the zero just like always and all of the bet types and payouts remain as normal.

The one single change is that the zero pocket is yellow instead of green – Betfair’s branding.

This is significant because if the ball does land on the zero it will trigger the titular Betfair bonus. The best part about the bonus is that you don’t even need to have placed a bet on the zero to benefit from the bonus.

This is a wheel of fortune type bonus round, and you only get one spin. The spin will reveal one of four types of card:

Card Prize
Grey Nothing
White Low Prize
Black Big Prize
Gold Top Prize

This could be a cash prize or a bet multiplier of up to 5x. That might not sound much, but remember you don’t need to place a bet on the zero to qualify for this, you just need to have at least 10p somewhere on the board.


Given that the player has what is essentially a free bet on every spin (the zero) the theoretical return to player percentage is much more attractive than normal.

The RTP is 98.30% for this game which is about as high as you will find for roulette, and that makes it a bit of a no brainer if you just fancy a normal game as opposed to something with huge payout potential or a complete re-design.