Luck o’the Roulette

Luck othe Roulette LogoThe name is clearly a play on the phrase ‘Luck o’the Irish’ which gives you an obvious clue as to the theme of this roulette variant. It may not appeal to the purists among you, but this bright, vibrant game may well be attractive to those who are more used to slots and the like.

It’s an RNG based game from a developer called Win Studios, who also make Terminator Roulette, so there is no rush if you prefer to play slowly and you can also set the game to ‘Turbo Mode’ if you want to blaze through as many spins as possible.

Minimum bets stand at 10p and the biggest chip available is £25.

The Base Game

Luck othe Roulette

Aside from the extra betting area marked in the image above, the table looks more or less the same as any other version of European roulette.

You can place all of the bets you would normally be able to and at the same payout rate too, although there is an extra pocket on the wheel in this game so in real terms the payouts are smaller because you have slightly less chance of winning each bet.

The new betting space on the table is the Pot of Gold (presumably at the end of the rainbow since there is also a Leprechaun stood next to it) and this is effectively your bonus feature.

You need to place a bet of at least 10p on this area if you want access to the bonus round when the ball eventually finds the bonus pocket.

The Wheel

Luck othe Roulette Wheel

The wheel has probably seen the biggest change from a regular game of European roulette, so it might look a bit alien to you.

As you can see from our example image, it has an extra pocket that correlates with the extra betting space on the table, as well as a number of multipliers. These multipliers relate to the bonus, and the one lit up in yellow is currently active – so it is 40x in our example image.

Before each round a multiplier will be chosen at random, and this will be applied to the stake you have on the Pot of Gold should the ball land in that pocket.

Here’s how they look on the wheel:

Multiplier Appearances
15x 2
20x 3
25x 2
30x 4
35x 3
40x 4
45x 3
50x 1
60x 1
100x/Pot 1

Given that there are 24 multiplier segments on the wheel, and that only 10 of them are higher than 35x which is the regular payout for a straight up bet which is essentially what the bonus bet is, you have a 41.66% chance of walking away better off than if you had placed a regular single number bet, a 45.83% of a lower payout, and a 12.5% chance of the the 35x payout.

You might also be wondering what the Pot of Gold symbol with ‘£10’ next ot it means in our example image.

This is the maximum potential win based on our stake of 10p on the Pot of Gold. Had we bet 20p it would be £20, had we bet £1 it would be £100, and so on.


With everything taken into account, the theoretical return to player percentage for Luck O’the Roulette is 95.39% – significantly less than the regular 97.30% of a regular European roulette game.

However, the chance to win up to 100x your stake is what you get in return. That said, you only have a 2.63% chance of landing the bonus pocket on each spin, and from there your chances of getting the 100x multiplier are just 4.16%. Of course this doesn’t account for the other 9 multiplier values higher than 35x.

Whether or not you think this is a good trade off is up to you.