Deal or No Deal Roulette

Deal or No Deal Roulette LogoBased on the classic TV game show hosted by Noel Edmunds, this is an interesting twist on the European version of roulette.

It comes with two potential bonus rounds and the chance to win up to 150x your stake, plus, the minimum stake for all bets is just 10p so even players with the smallest of bankrolls can give it a go.

It’s been developed by Endemol Shine Gaming, the same company behind the TV show, and it’s RNG based so it’s all run by computer.

Game Rules

Deal or No Deal Roulette

There are a few different versions of the same game, so depending on where you play it the interface might look a little different, but the way the game plays is exactly the same.

It doesn’t stray from the usual rules as far as the roulette game is concerned, even the payouts are the same as normal, instead, there are a few additions to the wheel.

You can see in the image below that there is an outer ring on the regular roulette wheel.

Deal or No Deal Roulette Wheel

This outer ring spins in time with the wheel and if one of the two bonus symbols line up with the pocket the ball lands in, then the corresponding bonus feature is activated.

Providing you have a bet on the bonus feature, you are in that round.

Deal or No Deal Roulette Board

You can see a very clearly in the image above where to bet to be in with a chance of accessing one of the bonus rounds.

It should be said that any other wins on the board will still be paid out if you enter a bonus round, but only the amount placed on the bonus bet area of the board will be used to calculate your bonus win.

Red Box Bonus

Deal or No Deal Roulette Red Box Bonus

This is the first of the two bonus rounds, and it closely follows the format of the TV show.

First you pick your own box, then you open all of the others one by one to find out what’s inside, and hopefully leave the biggest multipliers showing.

There are four rounds:

  1. Open 6 boxes
  2. Open 5 boxes
  3. Open 5 boxes
  4. Open 4 boxes

After each round the infamous banker will call and offer you an amount to stop playing, and this will always be 96% of the average of the total remaining values, so if your maths is good you can figure out what your offer will be before it comes in.

You must now choose deal or no deal and either end the round with your prize or keep on playing.

When you get to the final two boxes you will receive one last offer, and if you decline it you win whatever is in your box. Just like the TV show.

This bonus round provides the biggest win potential at 150x.

Deal Wheel Bonus

Deal or No Deal Roulette Wheel Deal

If the telephone symbol lines up with the winning roulette pocket then this triggers the Deal Wheel Bonus, and this is nothing like the show.

You pick one of three red boxes which will reveal either a gold, silver, or bronze multiplier and will also dictate the cash prizes shown on the wheel.

The wheel spins and the ball will land on one of these cash amounts. At this point you need to choose deal or no deal, but you only get to try this three times.

If you get a fairly high cash amount you might want to take the deal, if you get a lower one you might want to try again but once you are on your last spin whatever the ball lands on is what you get whether you like it or not, so its about weighing up the probability.

You get to choose a new red box after each ‘no deal’ too, so there can be quite a big difference in what you walk away with if your luck is in.

You can win up to 101x in this round.


Unusually for a game with two bonus features, the theoretical return to player percentage for this game hasn’t taken a hit.

It remains at 97.30% for roulette bets and actually improves for the bonus round, to 97.49%. Of course, the bonus round triggers infrequently so while the RTP might be better once you are in it you can lose a fair amount in unsuccessful bonus bets along the way.