Power Up Roulette

Power Up Roulette LogoThis live casino roulette game is a European variant that incorporates a bonus round that is packed full of multipliers.

Pragmatic Play are the studio who designed the game, cleverly building in a feature that every player can enjoy rather than one that only benefits a few lucky players at a time.

Although a live game, there is an RNG element as the numbers chosen as PowerUp numbers are random, as are he multipliers given to each number once the bonus round is triggered.

The game has a max win of 15,525x – although to achieve this you would need to be very lucky indeed.

How the Game Works

Power Up Roulette Interface

Rather annoyingly, the interface opens with every additional feature open on the screen; so the chat box, the racetrack, the statistics box and more will all be staring back at you.

This makes it seems far more intimidating than it should, so unless you actually want to use these features, best to minimise them all and keep the screen nice and tidy.

The betting board is towards the bottom centre of the screen, with a horizontal list of the last 40 numbers drawn below it, and some other options are laid out across the the top right, such as volume controls, game settings and the like, but these needn’t be used unless you want to.

Bets can be placed by dragging and dropping different value chips as normal, but there are also a good number of special bets that Pragmatic have pre-arranged for you, such as betting on all the odd or even numbers, all numbers in a dozen, etc. This places straight ups on ever included number in a single click. You can create your own bets and save them as favourites too.

This is really useful as there is only a short 18 second window to get bets placed before the game begins.

After the ball is spun and no more bets has been called, the RNG will assign up to 5 different Power Up numbers, and these are your key to the bonus round.

If none of these are hit though, the game will be played and pay out as normal, aside from any straight up bets which have had their payouts lowered dramatically to 24:1. This is to allow for the multipliers in the bonus round.

The Betting Board

Power Up Roulette Power Numbers

A quick note on the betting board.

You will notice some blue power bars above the numbers on the board. These indicate where the highest multipliers are likely to be should the bonus round be triggered.

So using our example image above, you know that numbers 25, 26, and 27 will have very good multipliers in the bonus round if the game takes you there.

You can also see here where the Power Up numbers are displayed.

Ironically, on this occasion number 26 was hit which is why it is circled, but this was in the base game, not the bonus round. We would have needed either 0, 8, 14, 19 or 32 to trigger the bonus round.

How the Power Up Bonus Round Works

Power Up Roulette Bonus Round

Assuming a Power Up number has been hit and the bonus round has been triggered, the screen behind the presenter will show the betting board, and slowly every single number on it will be given a multiplier value.

The wheel will then spin again to find a winning number from the bonus round.

All straight up bets from the triggering round are still active in the bonus round, so in an ideal world your numbers will have the highest multipliers and will then get hit.

If you had a straight up bet on the number that triggered the bonus round, you still get paid out the 24:1 as normal, but the best part is, that new Power Up numbers are chosen before the bonus round too, so if one of them hits not only will it pay out if you have chips on it, but it will re-trigger the bonus.

At this point, all the multipliers will also be doubled, and the wheel will be spun again with all bets still active.

This can happen up to 4 times giving 5 total spins in the bonus round, so with a 500x multiplier doubling each time, you end up with a potential maximum 8000x multiplier:

  • Spin 1 – 500x
  • Spin 2 – 1000x
  • Spin 3 – 2000x
  • Spin 4 – 4000x
  • Spin 5 – 8000x

Equally, the smallest multiplier of 25x grows to become 400x.

In theory, it is possible to win 15,525x during the bonus rounds, but you would need it to re-trigger the maximum number of times, and also have a chips on the highest multiplier on every spin.


Although the theoretical return to player percentage remains at 97.30% for Power Up Roulette, it does drop a little for straight up bets.

For these bets only, the RTP dips to 97.19%.

This is all down to the way to multipliers have been built into the game, so the RTP will also be dished out less proportionally. Essentially, the return to player will be more unbalanced, meaning fewer players will get bigger wins, but the majority of players will see smaller wins.