Sports Roulette

Sports RouletteSports fans with a taste for roulette can have the best of both worlds with this simple but effective idea from Playtech, which successfully blends the world of sports betting with the world of live casino.

The game of roulette is unchanged; it’s the European variant and all of the payouts remain as standard, so there is zero learning curve and you can play your usual style or strategy.

The difference is that this game is themed. There are a few other things going on in the background to keep you interested between hands and the dealer has much more to talk about than usual.

How the Game Flows

Sport Roulette

In terms of the number of games per hour it will work out more or less the same as a standard live roulette table, the dealer will get through game rounds at a similar rate.

But instead of having to try and force ‘chat’ like so many live hosts do, or just wishing everyone good luck every 30 seconds, the dealer can talk about whatever is going on in the world of sport.

This creates a much more laid back atmosphere, and since the players are all sports fans (they wouldn’t be playing otherwise) some interesting back and forth can get going between players and the dealer.

You might find out a useful little fact or two as well, because the dealer will periodically be prompted with a ‘did you know’ or ‘on this day’ piece of trivia which they can relay to the players.

The Screen

Sport Roulette Screen

Behind the dealer and the table you will see a digital screen projecting odds for the days biggest events so that you can stay in the loop with any changes, or even spot a bet you hadn’t thought about taking.

This will also show live results when there is something going on, as well as statistics, and even the match screen which is similar to the match tracker you get when live betting.

Sport Roulette Screen Statistics

This makes the whole thing much more immersive, and sitting out for a few rounds to check on the game that is currently being discussed or trade sporting predictions with the dealer is much more common here than in a normal live roulette session, where people tend to bet on every round and have little else to do in between.

Football Roulette

Football Roulette

Another version of the same idea is Football Roulette. It is almost exactly the same except the only sport discussed is football and the chat and stats can be a little more in depth because of this.

The dealer will also commentate on a live game from time to time, albeit in a much simpler fashion than a professional commentator would, and more sporadically too since they have the roulette game to run.

As you can see, the layout is identical, but the data on the screen is different and the background is more dramatic too, which helps bring more of a match day experience feeling to proceedings.


Since the game itself hasn’t undergone any changes the theoretical return to player percentage stands at 97.30% as it would with any regular European roulette variant.