Big 500x Roulette

Big 500x Roulette LogoIf you know the World Cup Roulette game then Big 500 Roulette will feel familiar. It’s essentially the same game but with a different theme.

The base game of European roulette plays as it usually does including all of the standard bets and payouts, but you can also bet on the bonus round which is called The Big 500.

Inspired Entertainment are the studio behind this RNG based game, and the maximum payout is 500x, which shouldn’t be too surprising given the name of the game.

Accessing the Bonus

Bix 500x table Layout

Although the base game is no different to usual in most aspects, there is an extra pocket on the wheel and an extra betting space on the board as you can see.

This is a bit like having an extra zero on the board similar to American roulette, so it obviously alters your chances of the standard bets coming in, except of course that this extra pocket also triggers the bonus round so long as you have a bet on it.

The bonus round works in a similar way to the TV show, The Million Pound Drop.

Big 500x Bonus Round

There are three stages to get through, and you are given a 500x multiplier which you have to take from one stage to the next. You have to decide how much of that multiplier to put on the different circles that you can see in the image above.

You can split your multiplier in the following ways:

  • 500x
  • 100x
  • 25x
  • 10x

You must use the full value of whatever multiplier you have left and only one circle will be a winner, so if you choose to put all of your multiplier on one circle and it doesn’t win then you lose the lot, but you can spread it across as many of the circles as you like.

In our example image, we have 100x on each circle with 100x left to place – this guarantees us through to the next round but also guarantees that we will lose at least 300x as things currently stand.

Rounds two and three only have 2 circles to choose from, but if you lose all of your multiplier before the end you will get a 5x compensation prize.


Just like World Cup Roulette, the theoretical return tom player percentage for this game is 94.74% during base gameplay and 95.39% during the bonus.

This is in part due to the extra pocket on the wheel reducing the chances of all regular bets coming in, and also because the bonus round has been engineered in such a way that you aren’t likely to get through it with your 500x intact.

For reference, regular European roulette has an RTP of 97.30%, so you are forgoing a fair chunk of that for the chance of winning big on the bonus round.