Spin and Win Roulette

Spin and Win Roulette LogoSpin and Win Roulette is a nice simple variation of European roulette, in which all straight up bets pay out at a random multiplier rather than the usual 35:1.

This does mean that straight up bets won’t always pay as much as usual, but it also means they could pay much more – up to 100x.

It’s a live casino game designed by Playtech, so there will be a live dealer operating the wheel, but the multiplier amount is decided by an RNG that has been built into the game.

The minimum bets is 20p on all bet types, whereas the maximum ranges from £50 for singles to £2,000 for even money bets. The table maximum is £25,000.

How the Game Works

Spin and Win Roulette

As far as roulette variations go, Spin and Win is one of the least complicated.

The interface has nothing new that needs explaining, although the betting board shows hot and cold numbers by displaying blue and orange flames on them – and for some reason the turret looks like the eye of Sauron…

The game is more or less exactly as you would find it in a regular setup, but the way straight up bets work has been altered to allow for much bigger payouts than normal.

Once all bets have been placed, a digital multiplier reel will spin to reveal one of several possible multiplier amounts:

  • 18x
  • 22x
  • 26x
  • 30x
  • 34x
  • 38x
  • 42x
  • 46x
  • 50x
  • 100x

The multiplier that is revealed is what straight up bets will pay out for the spin in question.

As you can see, there are five multipliers that pay out less than the regular 35:1, and five multipliers that pay out more, so it’s 50/50 as to whether or not you will come off better or worse.

Spin and Win Roulette Multiplier Reel

This means the win for straight up bets is variable, so a £1 winning bet on number 30 could win as little as £18 and as much as £100, it’s all down to the result of the multiplier reel for that game.

All other bet types pay out as normal, so a split on number 30 would still pay out the regular 17:1, and the result of the multiplier reel would be ignored.


For Spin and Win Roulette, the theoretical return to player percentage remains at the standard 97.30%.

This on top of the possibility of winning 100x payouts, but of course, that comes with the downside of some potential 18x straight up wins too, so the way these bets play will feel different.