Diamond Bet Roulette

Diamond Bet Roulette LogoThis game is almost exactly the same as Luck O’the Roulette, in that it uses an additional space on the wheel to create a random multiplier paying space that changes with each spin.

It’s been developed by Playtech though, so despite being essentially exactly the same game but using a different theme, the two games do come from different software developers.

The minimum bet is nice and low at 10p for straight up singles, and there is a £50 maximum for the diamond bet, which equates to a maximum potential win of £5,000 if the 100x multiplier is hit.

How the Game Works

Diamond Bet Roulette

There is nothing new to learn here in terms of game mechanics, it’s a very simple variant.

Bets are chosen and placed with a click of the mouse, and game buttons allow for a smoother experience by allowing instant rebets or by clearing the board.

The obvious difference when the game loads up is the extra betting space on the board, and the extra ring around the wheel covered in multiplier amounts.

This extra ‘diamond’ space effectively makes the game an American roulette variation, but instead of a double zero, we have a diamond that is linked to the multipliers on that extra ring around the wheel.

Payouts for all other regular bet types are as standard, and you can place racetrack bets instantly by changing to racetrack view.

Diamond Bet

Diamond Bet Roulette Jackpot Win

You can see in the image above we have highlighted all of the important parts of the interface during a winning spin on the diamond bet.

To be in with a chance of benefitting from the enhanced payouts provided by the diamond bet, you must place a single straight up bet on the diamond space on the board.

Once you hit the spin button, the extra ring outside the wheel will ‘spin’ and select one of the multiplier amounts. This will be decided before the ball stops, and once the multiplier is decided it will be this amount that is paid out should the ball land on the diamond space.

The multipliers and their frequency on the extra ring are as follows:

Multiplier Appearances
15x 2
20x 3
25x 2
30x 4
35x 3
40x 4
45x 3
50x 1
60x 1
100x/Diamond 1

This bet has the same chance of landing as any other single straight up bet on the board, but it can pay out a lot less or an awful lot more and anywhere in between.

In our example image above we won a 45x multiplier, so 10x more than the usual 35:1, but there are 11 chances to win less than that (30x or less), and only 9 chances to win more (40x or higher).


The theoretical return to player percentage for Diamond Bet Roulette is stated as being between 92.11%95.39%.

This is because the return from the diamond space is variable, but also because you can play the game without betting on the diamond space if you want to, although there would be little point in doing this as you would just be short changing yourself.

Since there is an extra space on the wheel just like in American roulette, the odds for the game are much lower than many other variations, so not betting on the diamond space will just give you worse odds of winning without the potential to win higher payouts.