Roulette System SalesmanEbay is a brilliant platform.

It’s as useful for individuals clearing out the clutter as it is for small e-commerce businesses shifting phone cases or SD cards or whatever else in large numbers.

People have even sold houses on there.

Unfortunately though, it also provides a platform for people selling less useful products, and the game of roulette has not escaped the attention of these snake oil salesmen.

As you can probably already tell, this article is going to explain why anyone selling you a roulette system on Ebay – or anywhere else for that matter – is selling you a lie.

Here’s why.

Why Roulette Systems Sold Online are a Scam

Roulette System Scams

Perhaps ‘scam’ is too strong a word for it, in some scenarios anyway, but however you want to phrase it these systems are not worth paying for.

There are two great big stonking reasons why not:

  • They don’t work.
  • The information is freely available elsewhere.

Technically these people are selling a service of sorts.

They have put together an instruction manual on how to play a roulette system they will probably claim they have come up with.

In this way, they are selling information in the same way that a book about gardening or the stock market is – they are educating the reader in a subject they don’t know much about.

The thing is, anything they have to say has been around for donkey’s years already and is probably covered thousands of times for free on the internet.

This very site is one of the places you can learn about roulette systems for free, and we are also honest enough to explain to you why they don’t work in the long run.

This takes us on to the next part of the issue – roulette systems don’t work.

Why Roulette Systems Don’t Work

Losing ONline Roulette Player

There are too many systems out there to cover specifically in this segment, but we have dedicated pages for all of them in our Roulette FAQ.

In almost every case the systems fail because of the following reasons:

  • They require an infinite bankroll.
  • They will eventually hit the casino’s limits.

The Martingale is probably the most commonly mentioned (and sold) roulette system, and it does technically work.

The idea is that you use even money bets then double your bet after every loss, so that when you eventually win you get back all of your losses up to that point plus 1 unit of profit. Then you start again. Rinse and repeat.

Of course the casino’s have upper limits, and it only takes 10 losses in a row to turn a £5 bet into a £5,120 bet using this system, and if you lose that you will have lost about £10k all in all. Do you have that sort of bankroll? We don’t!

Play for lower stakes and, even if you don’t fall foul to your own financial limits, the time you need to put in will not be worth any money you come away with.

Any of these systems, whether they be the Fibonacci, the D’Alembert, or the Labouchere, may work once or twice or in the short term, but ultimately, you will end up losing big and wiping out any gains you have slogged away at making.

Can Ebay Stop Roulette Systems Being Sold?

Ebay User AgreementEbay are allowed to put anyone’s account on hold if they break their terms and conditions or are suspected of bad business practices, but the thing is, someone selling a roulette system is not really doing anything wrong.

It might be immoral – as the seller will almost certainly know that their ‘system’ is not a long term winner despite what they claim – but they are not breaking the law.

They are packaging information that already exists and selling it on.

It’s a rubbish product but it’s not breaking any rules or laws.

But This Roulette System is New/Different/Special/Proven!

Unimpressed ReactionIs it? That’s nice.

It still won’t work.

Roulette as we know it today has been around since at least 1796, and people have been trying to find ways to beat it ever since.

What is the likelihood that the guy you have found on Ebay has suddenly come up with a system that no one has thought of before?

We have sent people to the moon, we have created the nuclear bomb, we have built the Large Hadron Collider and found the God Particle.

Do you honestly believe that mankind could have done all that but not yet come up with a way to beat roulette if it was possible?

It’s a balanced game based purely on luck that can’t be ‘beaten’ with maths, but even if it wasn’t, why would someone who had found some secret code to beat the game sell it to other people instead of keeping it to themselves?

Would you? We wouldn’t. We would keep very quiet and head for the casino night after night.

In short, whatever they are saying to convince you that their ‘sure thing’ roulette system is worth paying £29.99 for, it is, at best, only half true.

At worst it’s a complete lie. Don’t waste your money.