100/1 Roulette

100/1 Roulette LogoEssentially this is Playtech’s 101 Roulette by another name, and it is Realistic Games who are at the wheel of this one.

It’s a slightly simpler version than Playtech’s game, with 100 numbers instead of 37 and a few additional betting icons, as well as an option to skip the wheel ‘spin’ and get straight to the result if games per hour is your main concern.

With the changes made to the regular game, including the removal of the zero (sort of), the RTP has been effected too, but the ability to win 100/1 on straight up bets may be an appealing feature for some players.

How to Play the Game

100/1 Roulette Table

The minimum bet to spin the wheel is £1, but this can be achieved in any way you like.

For example you can make ten 10p bets like we have in the image above, or a single bet of £1, it’s up to you.

You will notice that there are 100 single numbers, from 1 to 100, as well as the usual red/black and odd/even bets. High/low has gone. In regular roulette you can bet on thirds of the board, but this has been changed to 10ths here, covering 10 numbers running horizontally across the board.

All inside bets are available as usual, with the addition of a 15 number bet created by using the first vertical column of numbers and the 5 shapes, which brings us nicely onto arguably the most important change to the board.

We said the zero had ‘sort of’ been removed, but in actual fact it has been replaced. You will see 5 different shapes on the left of the board; circle, square, triangle, star, diamond. These are effectively the new zeroes, and there are five of them, which isn’t great news when it comes to outside bets.

This effectively means there are 105 ‘numbers’ on the board.

Here are the adjusted payouts for the game:

Bet Numbers Covered Payout Min Stake
Black/Red 50 1:1 £1
Odd/Even 50 1:1 £1
Line 20 4:1 £1
Shape Line 15 11:2 £1
Street/Column 10 9:1 £1
Shape Street 5 19:1 £1
Corner 4 24:1 10p
3 # Split 3 32:1 10p
Split 2 49:1 10p
Straight Up 1 100:1 10p

Once the minimum table bet is reached you can hit the bet button and the game will start.

Be aware that the maximum win is set at £100,000, and the maximum stake is £10,000 for outside bets.

The Wheel

100/1 Roulette Wheel

It’s more of a track than a wheel, and it won’t spin but sits in place.

The additional numbers make a wheel impractical, so instead the ball will travel around the track independently and come to a stop randomly on one of the numbers.

Helpfully, any numbers you have covered will have a small white circle next to them so you can quickly and easily track whether or not you might win before the ball comes to a stop.

You can see the same numbers we bet on in the first image now have small white dots next to them on the image above.

Once the ball comes to a stop any winnings are paid instantly to your account and the game resets.


The theoretical return to player percentage for 100/1 Roulette is displayed as being between 92.86% and 96.19% “based on betting strategy”.

This is a confusing message since roulette is a game based completely on chance, but whatever it is supposed to mean, even the higher end of that RTP range is well below the 97.30% for a regular game of European roulette.

This makes it difficult to find a reason to play this game, because despite the higher potential payouts, the risk is equally enhance but the RTP is lower, so it feels like the casino is taking less risk for more reward while the player is risking more.