A lesser known bet type in the world of roulette is the finale plein, the simpler version of the final cheval plein which we also have an article on if you are interested.

It is not a difficult bet to understand, it will just require slightly different bankroll management as each bet is actually four bets, so your unit size needs to be taken into account before you start.

How Does the Finale Plein Bet Work?

FInal Plein Bets

The Finale Plein bet is basically several Straight Up bets packaged together and placed at the same time.

What you are doing, is quite simply betting on all the numbers that end with the same digit. So for example; if you were to make a Finale Plein bet on the number 6, you would be betting on all the numbers that end with 6, which are 6, 16, 26, and 36.

It’s not a difficult bet to make in the allotted betting time, so it’s not a bet you have to call; you just place the chips yourself as shown in the image above.

You would place the same amount of chips on each number to keep things balanced, so your overall stake would be four times the amount you place on each number. This means that a £5 finale plein bet on the number 6 as described above, would cost you £20.

The finale plein bet works like any other straight up bet in roulette, so you aren’t giving yourself better odds or the chance of a higher payout or anything like that. You have four chances of winning (so a 4 in 37 chance overall) and cover between 10% and 11% of the board, but if you win you only get the regular straight up payout of 35:1.

The different types of finale plein bet are:

Number Chosen Numbers Covered
Finale 0 en plein 0 – 10 – 20 – 30
Finale 1 en plein 1 – 11 – 21 – 31
Finale 2 en plein 2 – 12 – 22 – 32
Finale 3 en plein 3 – 13 – 23 – 33
Finale 4 en plein 4 – 14 – 24 – 34
Finale 5 en plein 5 – 15 – 25 – 35
Finale 6 en plein 6 – 16 – 26 – 36
Finale 7 en plein 7 – 17 – 27
Finale 8 en plein 8 – 18 – 28
Finale 9 en plein 9 – 19 – 29

As you can see, the later numbers only cover 3 numbers on the board since the board only goes up to the number 36, so while we are using a 4 number bet as an example in this article, it is possible to choose a finale plein bet that will cost less to place.

Obviously though, in that situation your chances of winning will be reduced too, while the payout if you win remains the same.

Why Do People Use the Finale Plein Bet?

Finale Plein bet on WheelThere are a few reasons why people might use the finale plein bet in roulette.

One reason is that it covers multiple numbers, which increases your chances of winning (while at the same time costing more to place of course), and it gives a nice even spread across the board too, given that the numbers are ten apart. This isn’t necessarily true on the wheel however, which is an oversight for some people.

Another reason why people might use the finale plein bet is that it is a good way of covering a ‘lucky’ number.

Of course, in reality the game is completely random but people enjoy finding reasons to bet on specific numbers, so if someone’s lucky number was 5, they might feel quite good about putting a finale plein bet on the number 5 and covering every number that includes it.

You can probably tell that there is nothing particularly data driven behind this bet,

What is the Payout for a Finale Plein Bet?

Casino Chips and MoneyThe payout for a finale plein bet is the same as a straight up bet, which is 35:1.

This means that if you were to bet £5 on a finale plein bet and one of your numbers came up, you would win £175 because:

  • 35 x £5 = £175

However, you have to remember that you made four bets and only one of them could win, so that means the other 3 lost.

You would get the £5 stake back on the bet that won, but the others would be lost, so we have to account for that.

  • 3 x £5 = £15
  • £175 – £15 = £160

So £160 would be the overall boost to your bankroll, not £175.