Slingshot Roulette

Slingshot Roulette LogoAlthough available from other providers too, this article concerns the Playtech version of the game, which can either be played as a regular game of roulette or as a VIP game.

The game itself isn’t actually any different in terms of the bets available, the payouts, or the rules, but the way the game is operated allows for smaller bet sizes and faster continuous play.

While there is no dealer involved this is still classed as a live casino game because the wheel you are betting on physically exists somewhere in the world and the game is live streamed to your computer, so if you want to play it you will have to look in the live dealer section of your casino.

Interface and Rules

Slingshot Roulette Interface

The interface will be familiar to anyone who has ever used a live casino before, although the camera only has one birds eye view angle which is perfect for transparency but could get dull if you were playing for a long time.

While the wheel itself is real and tangible the betting board obviously cannot be, so the graphic interface overlays the live stream and this is how bets are placed and information is displayed.

For instance, as you can see in the image above there is a 15 second timer that appears between each game, letting you know how long you have left to place your bets.

The game is the European variant so there is only a single zero, and payouts remain the same as a traditional game too.

There is a minimum stake of 50p on any bet type, with a £100 maximum stake for straight ups and a £40,000 table limit per game, so it is possible to wager larger amounts by mixing up your bets.

There is no En Prison or La Partage rule in play.


Since Slingshot Roulette doesn’t deviate from the norm the theoretical return to player percentage remains the same level of 97.3%.

To put it another way the house has an edge of 2.7%.

How Does the Automated Roulette Wheel Work?

Slingshot Roulette Airjet PocketThis roulette wheel is built to be very high quality but very low maintenance, and has been designed to mimic the spin of a dealer while it can get through around 60-80 games per hour.

There are a few different designs and some actually still include an RNG, so the result can still be decided in advance despite how things look, depending on the machine you are using.

However, just like all other online casino games, this is a totally random decision with no human input so it is completely fair.

The wheel spins electronically on a timer so there is no need for a dealer to operate it, and each pocket contains a hole for a tiny air jet.

After each spin a jet of air will push the ball from whichever pocket it was sitting in back onto the wheel, which will start spinning at the same time. This perfectly timed combination means the ball can be set in motion without the need for human interaction.

Some designs may control the ball to a lesser degree, using automation to set it in motion before letting gravity finish the job, while others use mechanisms to control where the ball lands in accordance with the RNG.